Friday, July 2, 2010

the spider's web

"There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a spider working her web, her craft, with such perfection and careful patience." ~Sunil Khemaney
today i was wandering the yard...taking pictures of i saw this banana spider weaving her web. forget about the flower pictures for now! today it's the spider! their webs amaze me and i was mesmerized!
i knew the day was off to a good start when the first thing i saw this morn when i stepped outside was a dew covered web. shining...glittering! what does it all mean? my enchantment with spiders and webs?!
i don't know!  the spider's web...nature...the web of life. all living and non-living things depend on all other things for survival. everything's connected.  like the spider's web, in the web of life...if one tiny strand should start to unravel everything around it will be affected!
 guess i did know after all!
nature fascinates and inspires me.


  1. Hi Laura, I love looking through your archives.
    This spider web is wonderful. So intricate and delicate :D)

  2. Hi Laura!
    I'm here at the urging of Susan from This 'n That...she loved this post...I can fully appreciate why! You really have a way with words and take such lovely detailed pictures. This was beautiful!

  3. 2 really went back in the time machine!! ha! it was kind of FUN for ME to read this post again!

    and i see that i never even responded to janice...BAD me!

    thanks for taking me back in time with you...i LOVE spider webs...don't like walking into them...but love to LOOK! :]

  4. Hi Laura, I, too came over from Susan's This N That. You, know, I did read this post back then, but was too shy to comment. How cool, to capture a step by step work of art. And the final photo-a glistening piece of work!

  5. hey susan...i know what you mean...about being shy back all seemed so overwhelming, eh? well, it still does at times!
    (are u having the HOTTEST june ever in we're having here in north FL? yuck. i hate this heat...too soon....take care... :]


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