Thursday, July 8, 2010

out of the doldrums!

ok, so maybe i was just a little depressed yesterday. well,  i'm not very good at faking...especially pretending to be happy. i can't SING when i feel like crying! ANYWAY to make up for yesterday...thought i'd post a few pic's...from around the yard...enjoy...
yellow rat snake
feeding on lantana

red-headed woodpecker
hmmm- i can't remember the name of this plant...will look for it and post later.
florida anole!
taking a little break from my art...getting stuff organized...gathering ideas for what to do next...


  1. Very lovely hope today was a little brighter for you. it is so wild to look at your pictures and see just how much we have in common ,our likes etc.

  2. thanks terica! i agree, it's nice to find someone who has the same likes...i always enjoy seeing and reading about all your new 'ideas' too!! thanks for reading me...and commenting! :)


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