Saturday, July 24, 2010

empty nest syndrome

ABOUT  the wren the spider plant...on our front porch. remember, there were 4 eggs...they hatched...i posted pictures in a previous post.
well, in case you've been wondering how they're doing...i hate to be the bearer of bad news...
but one by one the babies have disappeared. NO, they didn't fly away...
they were just starting to get feathers!

i THINK the culprit...was milo...
our cat.

every day i saw her getting a little too close for the nest...and i had to whoosh her away!
i think her curiosity...her cat instincts became overpowering.
i'm not totally blaming her, because i didn't catch her in the act. BUT it wouldn't be the first time she went after animals smaller than her. she's left us little gifts before...squirrels, baby rabbit, lizards, moles.
and i tend to think that if it was a wouldn't have left the nest, until all  the birds had been devoured! but they disappeared one at a time...for four days in a row... 

now we're left with an empty nest. and i feel the loss every time i walk by the potted spider plant and feel the urge to peek inside.  = (

oh is the big nature...

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  1. There's no appropriate words could ever explain how beautiful nature is..

    YOu've got nice photo's..

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