Monday, July 19, 2010

just a few more BoNES from sunday...

...i have a few massages scheduled this hours drive...but i wanted to post a couple of pictures before i head out. yesterday afternoon sam and i went exploring...again...4-wheeling...and he spotted some bones. REALLY small deer leg bones. very young deer. hoof still there, and a little bit of fur.
of course i gathered them up...and we looked all over the area, hoping to find the rest of the deer. no luck. 
BUT, that's not all we found...i did collect a few assorted bones...including a scapula with a bullet hole through it, a couple of rib bones, a partial jaw with teeth...
so later today, when i get home...a cleaning i will go...
oh more yesterday's post i mentioned the grating out back with the armadillo and raccoon carcass under that 'mother nature' can do a little more cleaning...before i take over. 
here's a picture:
well...gotta get going...bone voyage!

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  1. I dont like those decayed body of animals i bet they smell so bad..good thing you have the passion to collect there bones.

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