Monday, July 26, 2010

glass art - window hanger with wings 'n flowers!!

i had this 4X4" beveled  piece of glass.
ok, what can i do with it??  i have some pressed flowers and butterfly & dragonfly wings,
so i decided to decorate it with some...
then i gave it a couple of coats of 'mod-podge'...
let it set for a couple of days...then gave it a coat of clear acrylic spray.
then i ran some 12 gauge copper color wire around all the edges, front & back,
so it would hold the glass in like a frame.
twisted the wire at the top, making a loop...
and this is the back...
now it's ready to hang in a window.
of course, not a window that has direct sunlight as this will make the flower petals fade!!
this is something you can do with any piece of glass...even a pane from an old window! or a bottle!

(check out some of my vintage bottle art!)

be creative! have fun! and stay cool...   :]


  1. I love your blog! great subject!

  2. Mimi Jean!! i just wanted to say THANKS for stopping by & commenting!! i'm glad you like what you saw here...i'm trying! =) this blog stuff is still KINDA new...for me...takes so much time and i have so little! ha! i hope you stop back again! =)

  3. Laura!

    Oh! I NEVER would've thought of using butterfly wings underneath glass like that!

    But why not? They're art in their own right too!


  4. How very lovely! I just stumbled onto your blog and am enjoying your talent ever so much. Thank you for sharing! =)

  5. You have an awesome blog. I'm subscribing ;-)

    So glad I found you via blogs of note (I was one too once!)

  6. Dean, Tigh na Gilfillan and Erika Jean!! THANKS so much for stopping...for your comments & compliments!! makes me feel HAPPY to know that there are others out there that appreciate NATURE and ART in Nature!! ;) laura

  7. Wow, your blog is amazing...How many beautiful pictures!
    I'm a painter from Italy... I'll come visit you with more time! See you soon :) Giada

  8. THANKS Giada...for stopping by and enjoying my pictures!! i'm overwhelmed with all the comments i have received in the past 2 days! wow! i'm trying to catch up...and when i settle down, i want to go check out other people's blogs that have stopped & commented on mine! thanks again! =) laura

  9. ~THANK YOU~ALL~for stopping by my blog and for leaving your comments, compliments, congrats!! i'm happy to have been able to share my pictures, art & thoughts...with you!! reflections of my small piece of the world! =) thanks! laura

  10. Very really have the talent..

    keep it up!

    bouquet balloon

  11. You are so creative and I am thrilled to have stumbled into your blog. You are an inspiration to this novice blogger. Thank you!


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