Saturday, April 18, 2015

another tree...SNAP

we had a lot of rain this past week...
and as sometimes happens, the trees get
and they SNAP, or just keel over...roots lifting out of the ground.

this time, it snapped.

the whole top half of the tree...on the ground...

making for some good hunting grounds for anything that has a taste for bugs.
Gray Catbird

nearby, waiting his turn...

nearby...also waiting his turn to enter the tangle of branches, leaves & vines...
male Anole on a Bromeliad

a dragonfly also in on the action...

otis...a blur of motion on the branches...

off to my left...looking as though he just went for a swim in our 'swampy-ish pond' out back...
Pileated Woodpecker

same bird...scratching his face against the tree!!
caught him with his eyes closed!!  really weird looking!

if i turned that picture sideways...i think he'd look dead.

so while the critters are feasting...
sam's starting to cut some of it back. 
no rush. 

OK. one last picture. THIS is my lucky shot of the week...month? year?
it's that Red-bellied Woodpecker that made a nesting hole in this tree you see him on.
i didn't realize until i got the pic on the comp, that there's a dragonfly in the pic too!!

have a good week coming up.
be safe.

Friday, April 10, 2015

dragonflies and fungi. oh, and two dead bats.

last week sam & i watched this show about dragonflies  (suborder Anisoptera).
did you know that fossils of very large ancestors of the dragonfly have been found...
with a wingspan of over 29 inches!?  yikes!  i didn't.
did you know that there are about 3000 species of Anisoptera?  nope,  sure didn't.

up to several years of the insect's life is spent as a nymph living in freshwater; 
the adults may be on the wing for just a few days or weeks. 
dragonflies are an ancient group. they have been around for 300 million years!!

all of this and more, interested me so much...and since i have such a fondness for bugs (and fungi!)...
i thought i'd go on the hunt for some cool dragonflies and fungi.

Four-spotted Pennant - Brachymesia gravida

earth star

Antillean Skimmer - Orthemis sp

Great Pondhawk - Erythemis vesiculosa

here's a Great Pondhawk munching away on...a butterfly? another dragonfly? something!

Seaside Dragonlet - Erythrodiplax berenice

Eastern Pondhawk - Erythemis simplicicollis

well, that's it!
oh yeah, i almost forgot...the bats!  dead bats.
sam knows me. no doubt about that. forget flowers. chocolates. just bring me some bones!!
(he found these at work. they were caught up in the big roll down warehouse door. poor bats.)

i'll be roaming around blogland this weekend...until then,
thanks for stopping by & reading, or just looking at the pictures!

be cool.  be safe.