Thursday, June 7, 2012

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june begins.
with a full moon.
6.3.2012   8:40pm

“Suddenly the day was gone, night came out from under each tree and spread.”   
~Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

~time to get back in the swing of things...after a fairly rough May.~

you know i LOVE a lot of things. 
feathers, stones, bones, artifacts, turtles, wolves, the moon.
snapping pictures, creating, shades of purple, jasmine, lavender...
just to name a few...

i also LOVE to read.
always have. i get lost in a good book.
and i go through phases.
science fiction. thriller, dark & psychological. mystery. fantasy. 
and books about tarot, numerology, butterflies, natural healing, history, space, dreams...
anything but romance.

even though i LOVE the FEEL of a book.
the paper...the pages...the smell...

i folded. i gave in to a whim. i bought myself something NEW- not from the thrift store.

found it on sale for  twenty bucks less than they usually go for.

it's compact. you can change the type...make it larger...
change the font...change the line spacing.
you can look up any word in the book you're reading, by touching it.
you can highlight passages, sentences, paragraphs.
and bookmark a page by touching the upper corner of the screen.


“And sometimes, I tell them, I like to put my head back, like this, and let the rain fall in my mouth. 
It tastes just like wine. Have you ever tried it?”   
~Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

last night i heard that Ray Bradbury passed away.
i've read all his books. 
he will surely be remembered forever by his incredible story telling.
what an amazing & gifted man...writer.
so it seemed only fitting to mention my love for books...and segue into the nook.


my mouth is healing. from an extraction and a root canal.
i found a good dentist...better than good...he was very gentle...
didn't hurt me. all the people who work there are attentive, understanding & caring.
he gave me a margarita (with salt on the rim) through an IV
and i didn't feel a thing.
and the next day...NO pain!  just a little achy.

“I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. 
When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.”   
~Ray Bradbury

speaking of things i love. you can add fungus to that.
not the kind that grows on cheese...or stinky sour milk...
but mushrooms. lichen.
i'm drawn to them. there are LOTS of fungi pictures on this blog.
the rain's been coming down...almost every afternoon or evening
since that tropical storm a week or so ago, off the atlantic coast.
the warm  & wet  =  fungi.
mushrooms are popping up!

"Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. 
See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. 
Ask no guarantees, ask for no security, there never was such an animal.” 
~Ray Bradbury

yesterday i started to get caught up with my worldly cyberspace...
i spent hours jumping from blog to blog...and still have far to go.
so if you haven't seen me lately...i'm getting there...bear with me.


i'm not much of a baker. 
sam & i did get across the the pick wild blackberries.

it's worth the scratched up arms & thorn splinters.
we picked a bunch. we freeze some...add them to drinks or ice cream...smoothies.

well, that's about it.
i was planning on heading into blogland this afternoon,
but i have to go across town, back to the dentist...
there's a sharp edge on the side of one of my teeth...
and my tongue keeps finding it...and rubbing...and getting very sore.

 “Savory...that's a swell word.  And Basil and Betel.  Capsicum.  Curry.  All great.  
But Relish, now, Relish with a capital R. No argument, that's  the best.”   
~Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

i'll leave you with a pic of the Barred Owl in the backyard...
i was lucky to get this shot as he flew away right after i snapped it!

“We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. 
The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.”   
~Ray Bradbury

be cool. stay safe.

"Why would you clone people when you can go to bed with them and make a baby? 
C'mon, it's stupid.”
~Ray Bradbury


  1. love the barreds. :) i've had to get my teeth filed down on occasion, too. feel like a horse getting her teeth floated. :)

    i like your fungi. i'm not a reader, though.

    1. yep...that's what he did theresa...he filed that tooth down...on the rough edge. i was white knuckling on the chair i was in!

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful posting. You started and ended with two of my favourite things..the moon and owls and filled in between with all sorts of delights.

    1. thanks delores!!
      we have the same favorites...the moon being my #1. i love to howl at it! :)

  3. Love that last quote about clones. I think that Mr. Bradbury may not have understood that some scientists lack a libido. Cloning things probably would be a lot of fun for them and possibly better than sex. Sadly. I will miss that man. I spent most of my teen years reading everything he wrote. I should probably reread it. Good stuff. Those are some awesome mushroom shots. Amazing how beautiful and brightly colored they are.

    1. that's when i read all the bradbury books my later teen years...i was really into sci fi then...and weird stuff like HP Lovecraft! thanks for the kind words vicki!

  4. What a lovely varied post. So many interesting things and your pictures are all lovely.
    I have a kindle and I love it. I think I've read more since I got it.
    A root canal and extraction sounds nasty - I'm glad it wasn't sore for you.

    1. thanks ellie! finally...i found you in my spam why would blogger...uh, that? i have to remember to check that folder every now and then!
      oooooh, i just LOVE my nook! and who can really say that spending money on a BOOK is bad, right? i love to read...and this is so convenient!!

  5. Now I want a margarita! (and not the kind that comes with dentistry) Glad to have you back and feeling better!!

    1. that's just what the dentist said to he (finally( got the IV started, after THREE tries...
      "here comes your margarita...salt, or no salt??"

      the back of my hand was and still is...VERY sore from the IV. way more sore than my mouth!

  6. So glad to hear that you are healing. I always hate dental procedures! Great mushroom shots and I wish I could get a shot of an owl on my farm. I think they are so beautiful!

    1. thanks michelle. the problem with me & dentists is that by the time i work up the courage to's usually too late to do anything EASY for the tooth.
      we used to have a pair of the Barred Owls hanging out...a year ago...i used to get pictures every day! but they've moved on...and now just occasionally i'll see one out back...

  7. I always enjoy your fungi Laura - am knocked out at the varieties that live in your yard. Mysterious little growths aren't they.
    Glad to read about your beaut Dentist too. Such a load off your shoulders now I would imagine :D) Be well and happy. I too take a while to get around, but, that's just how it is isn't it. No hard and fast rules for blogging, we all just hang out together as and when! Cheers xx

    1. thanks susan...i'm always knocked out the variety of 'shrooms we have here! i wish i knew which ones were edible. nut i think even if i had a book to ID them...i still wouldn not trust myself!

  8. Hearing Ray Bradbury died brought back the memory of being on vacation when I was around nine years old and visiting somebody in St. Louis. I don't remember anything else about the trip except walking down an alleyway (which I found enthralling because we didn't have them in the Minneapolis suburb I lived in) and spying a book on top of a trash bin. A book! I adored books and treated the treasures with great respect. I couldn't believe somebody had tossed a paperback book in excellent shape into the trash. I rescued The October Country and read it cover to cover during the rest of the vacation--twice. I was hooked!! On Ray Bradbury, on the mystery of writing, on the creativity and imagination of some authors I never knew existed...I thought I loved books before, but The October Country opened up a whole new world of words. He had a gifted mind. Now I want to read The October Country once again. ;)

    Love the mushrooms and owl. The blackberries look delicious! Love them in smoothies. I have always loved books so much but have been wondering about these Nooks and Kindles. If you love it--I'm going to think about getting one--maybe this next Christmas. The advantage for me is that I have run out of room in my bookcases--LOL! And once you have the device, the ebooks are a little cheaper. I'm glad you love it!!! :):)

    1. i could NEVER throw a book in the garbage!! kind of like Fahrenheit 451!!

      about the e book takes a little getting used to...but after i got the hang of it...i LOVE it...and every day keep going to the local library website and putting holds on lots of books!!
      just finished reading Hunger Games...waiting for the 2nd one...Catching Fire...or something like that!! :)

  9. lovely tribute to Ray Bradbury, great quotes! I want to make you a bramble and apple pie X

    1. mmmmm....sounds good...i wonder if you can send through the mail...oh, but first i have to send you the berries!! :)

  10. LOVED that last quote!
    Honestly, I have not read the man, but one of the author's that I am following has, and is enthralled. So my thinking was that since I like this author's writings and he likes Bradbury's writings, I should also like Bradbury's writings, right? In any case, Fahrenheit 451 is on my to-read list.
    We are such wondrous people aren't we? Loving so many things, overlapping in some, findings others quirky and always, always, having more love to share on things.
    Your fungus looks grand!
    ANd I am glad you feel better. Heal well!

    1. so who is the author you're reading now?? the one who likes bradbury....

  11. Love Bradbury. His passing makes me want to read him again. Thanks for the fabulous quotes and fabulous 'shroom pictures! Glad to hear you're feeling better too!

    1. thanks makro :) feeling much better...i'm slowly trying to eat a bit more than soup!
      glad you liked the quotes....and Bradbury is definitely worth another read! :)

  12. I've never read Ray Bradbury--but am loving the quotes you shared. Will ave to look him up. Your blackberries look amazing! Ours are still a ways to go before being ready to pick.

  13. Oh wow - sadly, haven't had any time to spare lately for reading my favorite blogs :( - been sick with infected sinuses, etc etc. On the mend, though.
    This is stunning as usual - those MUSHROOMS!!!! Love the owl, too. That last Bradbury quote is fantastic - he was the reason I got into sci-fi, so I am eternally grateful to him.
    Have a great Monday, Laura.

  14. YUP - you're back! I've been behind on my reading of blogs, too, so understand. Man, we wait all year for summer here & when it finally peeks up at us now & then, we sort of get lost in it...

    Glad you're enjoying your Nook. I, too, am a reader, but am not ready to get rid of the paper & print...I have friends who like the electronic stuff, tho, so I'l never say never, I guess. I have not read any Bradbury as I haven't really ever been into Sci-Fi, but I absolutely love every one of the quotes you included today, so I'm thinking maybe I should give his stuff a try. Widening one's horizon never hurts, eh?

    Love the 'shrooms! Our summer(?) up here in the Pacific NW still is cool & wet, so we also have quite a few fungi - although we seem to get the biggest variety in the fall. I always picture them as a miniature world complete with little elves, hob-goblins, etc...

    Nice to have you "back up & runnin'"


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