Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a dinosaur on the loose

there's a tropical storm...Debby...in the gulf, off the west coast of florida.
(who picks these names? who spells Debby with a 'Y' and not an 'IE'?)

anyway, she's causing flooding along the shores, rivers and lakes...especially here in north florida.
we're not near any major body of water...but she's still creating quite a bit of standing water out front.

looking west, from the front porch

i like the rain.
a lot.

and we always need it to replenish the water table...
but my thoughts go out to those who are under evacuation due to flooding.

REMEMBER mr. bOnes?
he showed up last year, around halloween...and he's never left.

here he is with his screaming buddies last halloween.

i did a post with him last october:

a friend of his showed up over the weekend.
he sloshed through all the huge puddles and i found him coming up the front steps.

meet T-rex.
i know, he's pretty small for a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
he was the runt of the litter.

he was so excited to get inside...

dry off and see his old friend mr. bOnes.
mr. bOnes riding the gargoyle and T-rex drying off
so they visited for a while...just, shooting the shit...catching up on old times.

me and T-rex sneaked outside between downpours.
he wanted to wander the yard.
so, i followed with camera in hand.

he LOVED all the mushrooms!

he even had a snack...

he spotted some feathers on the ground...

and more fungi!

he thought the cow skull hanging out back was pretty cool...
and wanted his picture taken sitting on top.

(notice the bullet hole? NO! i did not shoot this cow.
years ago, when i lived farther south, in plant city, the elderly couple across the road had cows.
cows for milk. cows for meat. they let me collect bones from their land.)

T-rex found a BLUE mushroom! BLUE!!  ever seen one like this?

the rain water pooled in the mushroom cap was not only making him a little thirsty...
it was giving him the idea to look for a place to get wet. go for a swim.

he found the perfect place.

after that he was getting a bit pooped.
and the clouds were about to burst...
so we made a quick detour to the Resurrection Fern at the base of a pine tree.

contrary to what we read about these dinosaurs,
T-Rex says they DID eat some 'roughage'...
good for their digestion.
so after he had a bite...
we headed inside where he and mr. bOnes could spend more time together.

one more stop along the way.

SO  now you've met them both.
they want to do a Halloween post together this year...
THAT'll be something to look forward to.

later on...the road dirt/sand...started washing in...
filling the yard and drive with white tinted deep puddles.

and it still goes on...until thursday they say.

i leave you with a picture in contrast to the dreary rain.
Tropical Sage, taken last week, before all the rain knocked the flowers off everything!

gotta run. have an appointment this morn. the worst part about all this rain...for ME...
is having to lug all my massage stuff out of the car...and into people's homes...in the rain! ugh.

stay cool & be safe.


  1. Mr bOnes and T-Rex should have a rattling good halloween together.

    1. oh yeah!! i KNOW they will...shakin' up those bones!

  2. I love rain. And I'm loving T-rex, he takes a very nice picture! Never saw a blue mushroom before, pretty cool, Mr T.

    1. me LOVE the rain too...except when there's so much that the trees get waterlogged and SNAP!

  3. be safe in the rains! wish we could get some here - or even better, send it to the western states that need it so direly...

    1. i tried...i tried...to send some to the west. but Debby was just too hard headed and only wanted to sit...and sit...and sit...

  4. These pictures reminded me of the gnome pictures people take, but much more interesting. T-rex and Bones make a fine pair. I hope the rain stops soon. So glad you aren't underwater like some folks. Stay dry and take care, my friend! Loved meeting your new housemate. ;)

    1. yes, we were really very lucky...with all the rain and trees snapping...since so many others are UNDER water...or have lost everything due to the fires out west. it's tragic...

  5. T-rex had a nice day out and about.....as for the dreary rains....they would be very welcome here:) But I hope the flooding isn't too bad outside your home. I know how it can get sometimes. Stay dry! But personally, I'd be out running around.....:)

    1. i love the rain...and don't mind running around in it either...as long as it's not lightning!!

  6. Looks like it's time to break out the high boots. There's sure to be millions of mushrooms after all that rain and gloom. See, always something to look forward to.

  7. Oh I loved this post with Mr T Rex and I really laughed at your line shooting the shit - sorry I don't know how to score it out like you did.
    You are definately getting a lot of rain over their at the moment I had heard it was bad. We are getting quite a lot too over here in Scotland. Isn't it a shame that is is not spread more evenly across the world.
    I remember those days well - lugging massage tables and equipment about. I used to travel to people's houses too - not much fun especially in the rain.
    Hope it calms down a bit for you soon. Take care!!!

    1. thanks ellie!
      so...you were a massage therapist too, eh? and lugging the table can sure get old...especially in bad weather, or having to climb stairs! ugh!

  8. Whoa! The blue mushroom is awesome! I thought it was a ceramic dish or something at first! You should name that lake building in your front yard!! ;-)

    1. This is my second try. I've had trouble with your blog, agh! Every time I call it up, I can't exit...I get cascading windows of your blog (up to 9) and have to log off. Don't know if you're getting my comments!

      But, I like T-Rex...is he real? And, great rain pics! I'm glad you're not in any danger, and, hope you can stay put.

      Have a great week...hugs to Milo! I'm trying this again!♥

    2. erika jean...i don't really want to name it, because it might not go away... :)

    3. susan, oh yeah, T-rex is real...didn't you see him munching on the mushroom?
      i don't know what the problem is with the xtra windows and stuff...but i sure hope it gets resolved soon! what a pain!

  9. Looks like you had fun, despite that rain!!

    1. oh yeah, how can i NOT have fun...with this OLD bony dinosaur hanging around!

  10. I love it when you bring out Mr. Bones and anything and everything related to or about halloween, (one of my fave things) and random bullet holes are fun too, as well as your funny comments, it's always fun here! But even more stunning, is your place in the rain! Absolutely lovely photos...they give a soft and comforting feel...a gentle rain falling....very cool!

    1. thanks karen. well, the rain turned out to be not so gentle...but we sure did NEED it! we had our full....for now.

  11. This really made me laugh out loud! very fun shots. thanks, Laura :D

  12. I heard it the smell of the rain and the soil.

    1. thanks for taking the time to leave a note yolcu! and YES, the rain does get pretty loud...especially on our metal roof! :)

  13. I didn't know you did massage -- (Can you come to Oregon, where we are now ;>)))))...... We are hoping our florida "canal cottage" won't flood. Neighbor sent pictures -- the canal is very high. I like T-rex's adventures....and especially that blue mushroom. Don't let him eat to much of it .

    1. i hope your canal cottage didn't flood! it's pretty high...the water level...up here in north FL!

      oh don't worry about T-rex and his eating the blue mushroom...look at him, he's all skin & bones...he can eat ANYTHING and it never bothers him at all!

  14. june 28 UPDATE! THE STORM HAS PASSED...OUT TO SEA...we have LOTS of dead wood to pick up and a tree snapped & hit the house...BUT luckily it just broke the skylight in the bathroom...twisted the metal roof along the edge in a few places...
    AND crushed a vent cover on the camper which is parked right next to the house.
    we were VERY lucky.

    sam had built a short privacy fence by the back porch...even with the house and it broke the fall of the snapped tree so it didn't hit the roof full force!

    now comes the fun part...gathering all the wood...and a nice big fire in the fire barrel out back!!

    as always...thanks for stopping by...it may take a few days to get on here & catch up with my reading...LOTS to clean up! :)laura


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