Monday, October 10, 2011

from clouds to the moon with mr. bOnes

aaaaaaah. big sigh.
they're out of the box.
sitting on the mantel...making their presence known.
each year at this time...when Mr  bOnes comes out of the closet...
he likes to go outside and explore with me.

he's your average happy-go-lucky skeleton.
i mean...just look at that permanent grin plastered on his face!
he NEVER frowns!

when we got outside...the first thing Mr BoNES wanted to do
was lie down on the ground...and look up at the sky.
a bunny with his ears missing!

he then spotted a 'green lynx' spider on the front porch...

and then a garden  'argiope spider' clinging to her rain & wind battered web...

Mr bOnes likes to climb trees. after all he's only 8½ inches tall.
so now and then he likes to get a different view on things.
here, he's using woodpecker holes as his foot holds.

from up there he spotted this earth star fungi...

and this Buckeye Butterfly.

by now old BoNES is starting to poop out! 
nothing worse than watching a skeleton drag himself across the ground...
so he found a nice spot, and while he rests...i'll go look for more cool stuff.

What did the skeleton say to the bartender?
I'd like a beer and a mop! 
(HIS joke...not mine...)

Blue Mist (should be named Lilac Mist) (after the rain), a florida native

a skinny little green Anole/lizard

lichen growing all along the roots of a dead tree

this next wildflower took me hours to try and identify.
in fact...i never did...i ended up emailing the picture to one of the blogs i follow...
Growin' Wild - Florida Natives
they were kind enough to ID it for me!!
Desmodium Tenuifolium
i lOve this little delicate flower!!  the color! the detail! it looks like a tiny face.
Desmodium Tenuifolium he is...BoNES is back...just in time to say Bye!
look at him, will ya'. he's climbed into one of my bone baskets.
that doesn't surprise me. i bet he feels at home there!

so we leave you with a parting moon shot.
no, don't can uncover your eyes...
we're NOT going to MOON you.

moon shot taken on 10.06.2011   7:46pm
tonight the moon is 98% lit!!

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.  
~George Carlin 

By The Way...if you're into...uh...creepy graphics...
check out my NEW page up there...when you have time.
'a little macabre'

have a good week. stay safe.


  1. you're too funny. funny bones... ha ha!

  2. Oh I think I have a secret crush on old Mr. BoNES! He leads such an exciting life...and of course he's always happy without ever wearing a frown...he's off sleeping in a closet (or where ever) more of the year, then when he's out playing around such a marvelous playground! Everyone seeing this post just has to agree he's just the coolest Mr. BoNES ever! Thanks for sharing his fun adventure with me!

  3. Oh, what a great post! Loved Mr. Bones' adventures in the woods. You are such a hoot! I'll be thinking of you on Halloween night for sure. ;)

  4. Brilliant serie, and as many bones as you like it.

  5. Hahahahaha!!! 'Humerous'!!! :D You tickled my funny bone mr bones!! Oooo i so wish we had you when my friends n I had our halloween theme .... we had creepy hands everywhere... you'd have loved it ;)
    oooooo Awesomeeeeeee post laura!!! as usual :)hehe the first pic is SO cute!
    I've never seen star fungi before! And now... finally... I can scream 'desmodium tenuifolium!'smugly whenever I spot it :D

  6. Oh Laura, it is so good to be Visiting properly again... you have a wondrous sense of humour... feels so good to be smiling from within, thank you.

    Mr bOnes is a wonderful character, and I love your mantel's look, though I think Mr bOnes looks best out and about, especially amid the bones. Wonderful scenes Mr bOnes discovered, and so glad managed to climb the Tree. My thanks to the Woodpeckers making the toe holds.

    Have to admit, could not quite see the Bunny, even with the ears. Forgive my lack of vision.

    Green Lynx sure knows how to dress its self to show off its colouring, and congratulations to Argiope for surviving and saving even a smidgen of its Web from the trauma.

    My gosh the Star Fungi is exquisite, and the way Butterflies pose for you is purely delightful.

    Interesting how what often looks like a shade of purple can be described as blue I've noticed with Botany, still your Blue Mist is beautiful.

    And every photo of your resident Anoles are always a pleasure, they really give of themselves for you to photo too.

    A necklace and pendant of Mushrooms, now that is a beautiful tribute to a dead Tree.

    Desmodium Tenuifolium is so pretty, and their little faces so busy looking about and chatting.

    Nice manners of the skeleton wanting a beer and a mop... reminds me of one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld's character's - Death. Death preferred a real Horse to ride about on because the food he fed the skeleton one kept falling out.

    As always, your Moon photos are a pleasure. I so do love the Moon, especially its first slither.

    This has been a wonderful Journey Laura... loved it heaps, love you too, your Friend Magda and Family in Australia

  7. Mr Bones is quite a guy! I must say he pointed out some really great discoveries on your garden walk-about. I felt quite sorry for him when he had to drag himself across the ground. Poor thing. Pity he can't get to enjoy a good square meal now and then. I loved Magda's comprehensive comments, so would you mind awfully if I crib them? You just need to scroll back up a bit to read them again for me.

  8. Hi Laura...oh you make me laugh ..I love it!!
    So he comes out of the closet only once a year ; }
    Seriously though some wonderful photo's that Bones helped point for you ...the earth star fungi is amazing and the purple flower is gorgeous!!

    I missed your previous post ...what an amazing happening for you with that deer ...could be a once in a life time opportunity ..congrat's!!


  9. Oh, Ho Ho Ho!!! I wish I could send you a tape of my laugh reactions to this. So clever, Laura! And I really mean it. And seriously, the photos are great. The little Desmo (I had to go back and see how to spell it) Desmodium flowers do look like faces. And the beautiful Blue Mist. You're the lichen queen-where do you find all of it? We got some rain Saturday nite and Sunday...sometimes I can find 'shrooms after a rain. Love bOnes dragging himself across the ground. Thanks for the chuckles!

  10. It looks like Mr. bOnes has a good grip! Thanks for introducing us to him ;-) That earth star fungi is SO cool! It looks like a rock, or an egg... or something! haha

    I jet off to your state soon!

  11. LOL! Thoroughly enjoyed your photos, stories, creativity and Mr bOnes's beer and mop joke.

    Why is it that the moon I saw last night was entirely different? It was full.

  12. Nice fun blog! Looks like we are seeing the same sorts of things, spiders, earth stars. Good fall and Halloween fun. Squirrel

  13. Very funny and cute post! Mr Bones had a great day out and about with you! I think the spiders are cool and the star fungi is really neat. I've never seen this kind of fungi. You are seeing some wonderful critters, I love the buckeye and the anole. What a fun post, I had a good laugh for the day.

  14. hey thanks ALL for swinging by & visiting with me & bones!

    magda, the Blue Mist ISN'T wasn't just the's a light purplish color!! beautiful & fluffy!

    ONE, your moon the night before looked Full because mt picture there was taken a few days earlier...on the 6th! :)

    thanks for taking time out to leave a note...

  15. Is Milo jealous of Mr. Bones? You might keep an eye on her, Mr. B may end up buried in the backyard!

    That earth star fungi thing is cool/weird. Looks like a creepy eyeball!

  16. Apologies for not wording my words well Wonderful Laura,
    I was thinking about the curiosity of Botanists (not your camera's beautiful results) in often naming Flowers Blue that are obviously a shade of Purple/Lilac, cause I agree with you... Lilac Mist instead of Blue Mist would suit heaps better.
    Hugs from Magda and Family in Australia
    PS... like the Daily Horoscope addition to your side-bar and the beautiful way you now introduce your Web-Shops.

  17. Love the earth star fungi and its name! Mr. bones is funny. I like your creativity!

  18. Very tired these days, but this entry woke me up a little! That Mr. Bones is a bit of a gad-about isn't he? Always nice to see your blog! Such a fascinating mix of humor and wonderful nature shots! Take care--

  19. Too funny! You should have photo'd him giving us the moon!
    Amazing photos, as usual! Oh I love that wee flower too. Love those little green dots in the center (can't pull the proper name up in my brain right now)!!!

  20. THANKS!! tumbleweed, magda (again!) :), kathie, makro..., meggs!! thanks for stopping by...visitng with mr bones & me...and leaving a note! at least i was able to get to the notes before bones found them & hid them from me! he's very mischievous!

    it's saturday! yay!! have a good weekend! xxoolk

  21. look at all the wonder you find in your days!!

  22. you really make me wish I had more time to enjoy simple stuff

  23. Mr Bones - what a wonderful "story"!! You really are a special person, Laura, with a very precious gift of talent. The fungi you have there are incredile - love the earth star one.Tuck Mr. Bones into a bed of bones each night & give him a rattle for me...


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