Friday, June 29, 2012

friday's fringe - 11 (mum's the word)

mums  (chrysanthemums)

and the original...

mums after the rain

every friday. just one of my nature shots.
once in a while...a 'morph' thrown in (like today).


( talking on Friday's Fringe...BUT i just wanted to give an update to
any one who might be wondering how we faired through the storm...
Tropical Storm DEBBY.
she has left many people here in north florida, under water. we were lucky to 
only have minor damage, due to a tree that snapped...and landed on the roof...
broke the bathroom skylight and twisted the metal edges of the roof in spots. 
all repairable.
lots of dead wood...a couple of other trees down...
we'll be doing a lot of gathering, sawing & burning. 
so THAT's my excuse, if you don't see me at your place...out there in bloggerland...
or if i don't get on here to comment back...or check my emails...
i'm just stuck the heat...sweating...fighting off hungry mosquitoes...
swatting at gnats in my ears & eyes...plucking off ticks...breaking my back. 
just kidding. well, no i'm not.)

my thoughts are with those who have had it much worse. hang in there. time heals.



  1. lovely morph, good luck with the clear up X

  2. really like this one. Not usually a huge fan of the reworked things, but this looks like a water-colour. Kinda.

  3. PS - sending you lots of positive energy and blessings for the challenge!

  4. Take care. I'm glad it was all repairable damage.

  5. this is prettyful!!! lovely morph. :)

    good luck with the forest clearage! so glad it was not worse for you.

  6. Great pics and good luck with the clear up!

  7. Oh, I love raindrops on flowers!!

    So glad you guys are okay. We understand if you are out struggling to right the elements. Don't get overheated out there!! Take lots of breaks. :)

  8. Laura, when I saw the storm, I asked the Pres where you were in relation to it and prayed...I am SOOOOOOO glad you and Sam are OK! It's time for a new skylight anyway...and DON'T you dare do anything too strenuous and re-injure yourself!!!! Remember we are NOT spring chickens any more!!!!...:)JP

  9. Laura, I had followed this storm on the new quite a bit. Sorry about your damage, but I am glad it was not worse. Hubby and I have been thinking about a move to FLorida but these storms make me think twice.

    I love your flowers, gorgeous shots of the Mums. Take care and watch out for those ticks.
    Happy weekend! :)

  10. So glad you haven't been too badly affected! saw it on the news last night.

    lovely painterly effect - I do love the original shot. what a very pink pink! :)

  11. Took a sneak over to your your mums! They have a watercolor appearance. And, of course, your real photo has my favorite water drops. That particular color in a mum is always beautiful. I've had that color and really enjoyed them. Hope your clean-up is swift, and, I'm glad your damage was minimal. Have a great week Laura!♥

  12. Hi Laura, delightful mums photos... both of them!
    Beaut to hear that the damage from debby was minimal and repairable. Mind your back though, don't get too carried away with the cleanup ;D) All the best and, as you say, it could have been worse. Cheers for now

  13. That's really cool! What a beautiful shots.....I do like the first one more. But I'm a sucker for wonderful floral pics:)

  14. I really like both of your shots - the first one looks kind of like a painting.
    I'm so glad you didn't suffer any worse damage than you did. Hope you manage to clear up quickly. The weather is certainly doing some weird stuff at the moment. Take care!!!

  15. OK thanks for the update -- obviously I'm scrolling backwards catching up after we've been road-tripping...... Very glad you're OK....(more or less, those mosquitoes are probably killers!)...... and of course I share your concerns for those who had an even harder time.


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