Tuesday, July 13, 2010

constantly collecting STUFF...

 my first (massage) app't isn't til this afternoon, so i thought i'd show a few pic's of some of my collections! my obsessions! you know from previous posts that i can't go anywhere without coming home with found bones, feathers, rocks & stones, shells, driftwood, vintage bottles, dead bugs (especially those with wings i can use in my artwork). the unusual. weird. unlikely. these pic's depict just a small fraction of my total collection(s)...but you'll get the idea! some of the shells and small rocks & stones i put in jars, vases, bottles.
some of the larger rocks...i tend to just scatter around...outside and in...
some of the found feathers i put in vases with rocks & shells...
...which i usually set on the floor, in a corner of a room.
gemstones...crystals...tumbled stones...some found, some received as gifts and some bought...
assorted bones, teeth and turtle shells...

and here's a small sampling of the vintage bottles sam and i have found...across the street...after the field had been bush hogged and the ground turned over!
some of these bottles are the ones i use for my artwork...decorated with pressed flowers, butterfly & dragonfly wings! (i don't decorate the ones with embossed words!)
OH! and here's a good site i've gone to many times to look up old bottles Digger O'Dell .  
here's one i'm working on right now...
well...if you've seen my art...now you get an idea of where it all begins...from things i've found...collected...and treasure! 
The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure. ~Mikhail Baryshnikov


  1. you should do some research on those printed bottles, find out the product info and date ranges, that would be fun to know!

  2. thanks joanne!! oh i have looked them up!!!!!! when we first started finding & collecting...i started researching all that & found some good sites for looking this stuff up...in fact u just gave me an idea,,,i should include that look-up link!! thanks!! :)

  3. Love it , and thanks for that link
    I bookmarked it too. Keep on collecting and blogging too.
    It is Inspiring!

  4. Thanks Terica!! for your support & inspiration too!! :)

  5. If you haven't already.... can you do a post about the best way to press flowers?

  6. Erika Jean...i don't know if you'll see this...but one of my 'friends' on FB...and a follower of my blog...Terica...she presses her own flowers and has a blog explaining in detail!! i have her pressed flower site/link listed on my blog under 'other places & links'. i don't (usually) press my own flowers...but Terica is an EXPERT at it!! you'll learn all you wanted to know from her!! thanks again for stopping by my blog!! ;) laura

  7. Awesome,,i like your stuff..

    thanks for sharing it..
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