Wednesday, June 30, 2010

attack of the hornworm caterpillars

during the night my tomato plant was eaten alive!
by TWO tomato hornworm caterpillars. YIKES! they're huge! 4" long!
i thought i might just pluck them off...but they've already eaten the tomatoes, stems, leaves...
i decided to just let them finish there's no hope for the plant!
then again if i leave them...they'll just lay more eggs and they'll still be hanging around when i replace my tomato plants this weekend. i just can't seem to be able to pluck 'em and kill 'em....even though they're considered a pest. here's a picture of the adult hornworm moth (pic courtesy of UF).
 at least we had many tasty tomatoes!!  :]


  1. Ah... That's what you call those things!! What if you move them far away from your tomatoes... you think they'll find their way back?

  2. HA! good idea...but from what i've been reading about them ALL THEY EAT is tomatoes and i think if i move them away...they'll inch (literally!) their way back! BUT i might just try that! thanks for stopping by!! :) laura

  3. That is a very pretty moth , I had seen the worm but not the moth. peace

  4. i think the moth tends to be a little nocturnal...

  5. we can put them in old sweaters to feed them as moth's


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