Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a slow work day - may do some stencil cutting...

today is another slow work day (only ONE massage scheduled for later this afternoon!!) so  i thought i might do some stencil cutting for sandblasting...on mirrors. i've done these TREES on clear glass window hangers and then added pressed flower petals as the tree leaves.

but now i might try to do the same sandblasted tree...but on a mirror...and then glue it to the 4X4" wood plaque after i paint you can see the colors through the tree.  kind of like what i did here...with the butterfly...

wow...i sure need to try and get better pictures of my mirrors and clear glass any suggestions??
((i do the artwork & stencil cutting...sam does the actual sandblasting!))
a few posts ago...the one with the dreamcatchers...i said i'd look up the place where i bought the turtle shells. here it is...and they have some really cool stuff there...crazy crow 
here's another site where i've gone to look up Native American totems & the meanings of different animals & symbols (and more!)  -  legends of america . 
that's it for now...


  1. Hi girl, i came to see if you got twitter working for you. Way to go!
    Thanks for the cool link above ,looks like an interesting place! hugs
    tweeting this too.

  2. hey Terica! luckily for me, it's been a really slow last couple of days...cause it's taken me HOURS to get all this blog feed stuff, twitter, new FB page underway! it's been like a fulltime job getting all that done! i THINK i've got it all! :) thanks for stopping by!


thanks for stopping by! it's always nice to hear from fellow wanderers!