Sunday, June 27, 2010

sandblasted tree mirror- from start to finish!

the Tree Mirror is finished!
to make things a little you don't have to go back through my posts...i'll put a few pic's here, going back through the process of getting to THIS!
it all started with a freehand sketch of a tree...i then used graphite transfer paper to copy the tree from paper to the 'contact paper' covered mirror. the design is then cut with x-acto knife and peeled away to make a stencil on the back of the mirror. i want the stencil on the back because that's where the silver coating will be etched out during the sandblasting...making the mirror 'see-through' where the tree is.
(am i confusing you yet?? i hope not!!)
then comes the sandblasting...sam takes care of this part...
after this step...the stencil is peeled...mirror is rinsed. then i paint the wood plaque, giving it a white base coat first, then whatever color i decide. i spray an acrylic coating on the painted plaque before the mirror is mounted (masking off the area where the mirror will be glued). let it cure overnight. meanwhile i paint the tree on the back of the mirror so the colors can be seen through the front of the mirror.  
mirror is glued to the plaque...i added some glass paint & wrapped suede lace around...
hmmm, now to come up with a name...

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.-  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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