Sunday, June 27, 2010

the red-headed woodpecker!

this is a rare sight! we have the red-bellied and pileated woodpeckers in our yard all the time...but for the past week or so we've seen a NEW woodpecker...the elusive red-headed woodpecker. we've been trying to get some good pictures...and FINALLY...this afternoon...he posed for us!!
the population of this bird is on the decline.  want to read more and see awesome pictures...check out this link: florida nature photography
or go here for more info: identify whatbird


  1. Very nice! thanks for sharing

  2. do you think there will be more?

  3. yes! i saw that elusive woodpecker today!!

  4. I believe I have a pair in my back yard right outside my office window. I'm just outside Atlanta, but lots of pine trees. Do they ever next outside a tree trunk? It looks for all the world as if there's a nest built out on a branch about 4 feet from the trunk of a living pine tree. Hard to work for watching that flash of red, white and black!

  5. what a wonderful sight to have out your office window...and yes!! would be hard to work with a view like that!! i'm really not sure where this one is nesting...but the pines...we see him almost every day!! first sighting for us in this area...and we've been here for over 10 years! thanks for commenting!! :) laura


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