Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BoNE aRT and stuff in the works

i call this one 
"small bone-creeper burrowing in the Bone Garden"

~*~From the BONE Garden~*~
"Scenes from Planet Beenderen"

(Beenderen = Bones in Dutch)

created on a small 4"X4" painted natural grain beveled wood plaquethe flowers, trees and 'bone-creeper' in this garden

are made of deer bones & teeth 
acrylic painted highlights in gold, dark red and brown.  the 'bone-creeper' is multi all wildlife on Planet Beenderen are!!  :)  clear glaze sealer  sawtooth hanger on back

(just added to ForestWalkArt on etsy)

~~and remember- ALL THE BONES I USE are found in nearby fields. They are collected, cleaned, sanitized and decorated - by me.~~

and MORE in the works...

the small skull with flowers coming out of it's ears...i'm not sure what it is...
a 'possum?? armadillo?? i have to look up pic's and find out.  and of course the small 'painted & boned' wood plaque is another of the Bone Garden series!!  haven't quite finished it yet.

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