Monday, June 21, 2010

pulling teeth & old dreamcatchers

i had a good weekend (between raindrops) prowling for BoNES. for my art. i found some old weather-beaten deer jawbones, which aren't in good enough shape to decorate...but i'll be pulling teeth!!  i use the teeth for my "Scenes from  Planet Beenderen" series (look back at my previous posts for the Beenderen art).  and i also found a bunch of small deer vertebrae bones which i still need to clean.

i've posted pictures on here of the cow skulls i have in my gardens. here's a picture of the top of one of the can see how the squirrels love to sit on top and chew away at the bone...(somewhere i have a pic of a squirrel sitting on top...gotta look for it!)

~~a couple of years ago i got into making dreamcatchers. this one is made of wrapped vine, jute cord, beads and turkey, guinea and craft feathers.~~

~~and this one i cut up an old 'tribal' design t-shirt and stretched it onto one of those embroidery or needlepoint circular frames...then added feathers and beads~~

~~i bought a few turtle shells from a Native American craft supply house and made this from one of the shells. drilled holes and strung leather & beads & feathers~~

well i have an almost full day of massages today and have to drive an hour to get to them. so i better get ready. i wanted to get this post on here cause i'd been thinking about it during the night! i'll look for that squirrel and skull pic...and also the link for the native american craft supplies and post it later on.
have a good one!

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