Saturday, June 19, 2010

rain dance

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain."

with temps up there in the high 90''s hot enough to hear the sizzle as the raindrops hit pavement. but we can sigh loudly...aaaahh! afternoon thunderstorms three days in a row! 
And, NO, we don't have water-front's just the flooded'll soak in after a while.

before i head out, wanted to post this cool shot i got yesterday...of a teeny-weeny grasshopper sitting on top of a big rock on our front porch.
well...time to go dance in the rain...  :o]


  1. Gosh Laura K, what a beautifully inspiring Driveway even in being waterlogged.

    And it is the purest of relief when the Sky finally lets that load of water go when days have been swelteringly hot and the Clouds have been swelling with that rain... 3 days in a row must have almost felt like being cool again.

    Just discovered if I click on ForestWalkArt in my Reader Menu, I can traverse all your Posts. Delightful.

    Have a wonderful 2011 Easter.
    Hugs and best wishes from Magda(Australia)

  2. thanks again Magda...for delving into my you think i've changed much?? :]
    have a wonderful easter to you too...i don't really 'celebrate' i'm not religious...BUT i have always liked to color eggs! ha!

    hugs & best wishes to you too!
    :] laura


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