Tuesday, June 15, 2010

looking for BoNES

over the weekend i went scouting in the field across the street...looking for BoNES. some i use for my ART and some i sell UNdecorated at my shop on etsy. this field USED TO BE A FOREST with trees so thick you could barely make it through there. but a couple of years ago the bulldozers showed up and cut ALL the trees down except for a few scattered here and there. it was depressing!! but the bright side was that the field was cleared and i'm now able to find all kinds of treasures! bones, old bottles, old shell casings...and so on.
i thought i'd post a few pic's of my HUNT!

opening the front door this is what i saw on the front porch. it's the florida Anole.

then another...

on the way out of the yard...a spiderweb!

down the driveway...a frog...in camo??!!

...and a caterpillar...

a leaf...seemingly suspended in air...yet dangling from a web

spotted these vultures by the 'mud pit' and thought "YEAH! must be a carcass nearby!" nope! i guess they were just HOT and staying near the water...so i rode on...

finally...found some deer bones!! these were still a little too 'fresh' and i left them to sun dry a bit more. but i found other small vertebrae bones which i collected.

the bones i find in this field...and near where i live...are the carcasses dumped by hunters. my favorite find is the skull and jawbones...but more times than not...the carcass is minus the skull! oh well!  i keep searching...and hoping...(weird, you think??!!)

anyway...here's a picture of my latest 4X4" wood plaque with decorated bones...from my "Planet Beenderen" series!! 
 i call this one ""The SILVER-WINGED Neornithine 

in Planet Beenderen's BONE GARDEN"

that's it for now...gotta get ready for work...

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