Sunday, October 31, 2010

nature heals...

((before i begin...let me just say thankyou to EVERYONE for your words of support...comfort...and understanding (regarding my previous post).
i KNOW i'm not the ONLY one who feels this way...who has had losses...and, honestly...i felt BAD afterwards...kind of like i was being a 'whiner'...complaining and tossing my problems 'out there' for all to read. BUT...what's this 'blogger world' for...if not to express any way we feel the moment. 
anyway...what i'm trying to say without turning into a pile of REALLY appreciate everyone who stopped their thoughts...whether here in writing...or keeping silent and sending mental messages. 
i received them all and i am so grateful!
  thank you. NOW...after a relaxing weekend...a  new day...a new post...))  :]

>>Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.  
~Cherokee Indian Proverb <<

we went to Lochloosa Harbor  over the weekend. we've been there MANY times over the's only about a 40 min drive going southeast...they're right there on the  time to relax.  unwind.  

there's a small convenience store there at the campground...where we pick up our bait and ice.  i'm usually pretty good at remembering everything we need to take for the weekend...but this time i forgot the COFFEE!! YIKES!!!
...they have everything you might need in that little store...toilet paper, canned goods, snacks, beer, water, sandwiches, cooking oil, potatoes...and all things bait, lures, line, nets...BUT NO COFFEE for sale!!  
i had to FORCE myself to sleep in til 6am...when the store i could get a cup...or two...of the fresh brewed coffee they offer...for free!! 

we got there late afternoon friday...set up the camper...picked up some bait...and headed out on the lake. we have a gheenoe...kind of like a canoe, but more stable...flat back with a 9hp motor. we can motor along or paddle...and able to get into real shallow areas.  we don't have lights on the boat, so we have to be off the water by dark. 

the first 'wildlife' i spotted was the (usual) florida our campsite.

 ...the sun sets...we're still cruising the lake...
these were taken right before we headed in to the dock.
same breathtaking  view right out our camper door...aaaaaaaaaahhh...

saturday morning, we saw smoke across the lake, coming from 'Burnt Island'. it's not really an island, but a protrusion of land into the lake...mainly a wildlife management area. 
in florida...there are 'controlled burns or prescribed fires', and we were hoping that's what was going on...and not a 'wildfire'.  (we did hear the next day that it was a prescribed fire)
that small plane circled for HOURS...making sure the fire was staying under control.

look at that tornado looking thing in the center!!!  
it's a vortex/swirl of HOT smoke!

we tried fishing...i say 'tried' because we're usually not too lucky in the 'catching' department. BUT we have fun anyway...riding around...adventuring!  some of our catches are probably small enough to be considered 'bait' to some people! ha!  we DID catch a few bigger ones this time though. specks...nice and fat! yum!

cypress trees, with spanish moss hanging...reflections of the morning sunrise...

bald eagle resting in a cypress tree...

sam and i agreed...we've never seen these odd looking lilly pads before...
with the large seeds in the head...
((nov 2- thanks to 2 comments...i was told these are LOTUS seeds! i've taken pic's of the Lotus before...on lakes...guess i just never saw them in this stage...BEFORE they become lotus flowers!! cool!))

there were so many butterflies...dragonflies...i wanted to get pic's...
but they never seemed to sit still...constantly on the move...
OH!! we did see three otters walking along the shore...while we were fishing. but by the time i got the camera out...they were behind a thicket of weeds...we could see alot of commotion going on back there...the weeds moving all over the place. then they finally emerged and continued down the shore...dragging a long snake!! by then the camera had already powered down...and they were running like mad. looking forward to feasting no doubt!!

                             mating damselflies on the boat!
we thought it was really odd not seeing alligators all over the place!!  usually we see them crossing the lake...sunning themselves...occasionally trying to go after our bobbers.  not this trip!  we saw ONE gator! we asked at the office/store about the lack of gators and they said florida  (Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission??!!)  issued permits for 400 alligators to be  hunted & killed on lochloosa lake alone!  FOUR HUNDRED!!!!  that's  ridiculous!!!!  what a shame!!

if you ever happen to be passing through this area...south of gainesville...north of hawthorne, florida. stop by lochloosa lake. visit and stay with the folks at Lochloosa Harbor.  
it's rustic. woodsy. full of wildlife. a great get away.

nature heals...even the toughest of us...

Man's heart away from nature becomes hard.  
~Standing Bear 

stay cool...laura  :]


  1. I am so glad YOU'RE BACK!!!! And, Laura, you know, from the bottom of my heart, I think if we all let out the real truth more often, we'd all be better off...:)JP

  2. Glad to see you back and hear you're feeling better. Coming out of my own dark time so I was feeling you. I think your seed pad things are Lotus, not positive, but I've seen them before somewhere and I think that was it.

  3. Hi :)
    Wonderful photos, as always)
    Landscape on the last pic a little bit looks like Siberian)

    Happy Halloween, Laura!
    Everything's gonna be alright!

  4. Hi Laura,
    Beaut you're back.
    What a great spot for your weekend camp - lovely pics.
    Cheers :D

  5. The eagles are AWESOME! never seen one in the wild before!

  6. every picture you took was breathtaking!
    praise god for the internet and knowing that paradise is in the backyard of my internet world and If i had an amazing camera and eye like you, I would be able to capture some beautiful moments as well..

    In addition to everything, this is the blog world and like you expressed, you can express yourself anyway you'd like.
    Thanks for kindly sharing yourself and the sights you capture on a daily basis

  7. Wow girl those are some awesome shots . I would so love to spend a weekend there. You should send this link to the campsite they could use it for advertisement . Awesome

  8. Nice shots, especially the eagles. Sometimes you'll see a twister like effect with fires. My husband said if fires get large enough, they create their own weather. That is really freaky.

  9. Wow! Thanks for opening up this world to us through your fantastic photos. They are superb.

    Don't apologise for sharing your 'black-hole moment' - hope you're feeling LOTS better :)


  10. In my heart, I think you are so fortunate to be able to have such times, and I am envious of you like crazy

  11. No COFFEE!! Now that **is** bad!
    Thanks for sharing the ups and downs. It gives us all hope.

  12. Beautiful photos.

    I hope you experienced some healing in this lovely environment.

  13. THANKS everybody!!!!! always does good to get out of the 'routine'...breathe some fresh air...see new things...the ever changing faces of nature.
    this weekend was what i needed...NOT that i haven't stopped THINKING of my losses...BUT trying not to DWELL.

    thanks for all your support. hug to everyone...CHEERS!

  14. your wildlife photos are amazing! Sending a prayer your way as you embark on a new phase of your spiritual journey that you find the path to healing, comfort and unconditional love.

  15. Glad to see you're back! And what a sunset. The cypress trees were really a sight to see, covered with moss. You sound good...and ready to continue your journey. You give us all adventure with your talents Laura! THANK YOU!

  16. Laura, we all walk the "trail of darkness" on occasion - it is darker for some of us than others. I do believe nature is a healer, as it puts us in touch with the greater realities. You are willing to open up and feel your pain (and joy) totally, which ultimately is a healthy thing, I think. As others have said, you have such a gift and the fact that you so willingly share enriches all of us out here in "bloggers' land". THANK YOU!

  17. crayzys.blogspot.com11/04/2010 05:56:00 AM

    My thoughts are with you. Be good to yourself in times of sadness. You have many supportive people who care about you. Your Cherokee proverb says it all.

  18. wow those lotus pod things are pretty trippy! they look like alien podlings or something. Very interesting!

  19. LC, Susan, Ladybug, crazys, and Carly/fc...
    THANKS for commenting!!
    YES...continuing on my journey...every day...a few pitfalls along the way...but that's to be expected...we're all human...and sometimes emotion gets the best of us!
    and yeah...those lotus pods were crazy looking! i'm sure i must've seen them before...cause i've taken lotus pic's before...just don't remember... :\

    thanks for ALL the support!!!!!

    :] laura


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