Friday, October 22, 2010


this afternoon...

i spotted this
on a banana tree leaf.

(uh-oh! busted!)

when she had enough of the banana tree...
on to the 
mexican petunias.

The poetry of the earth is never dead.  ~John Keats 


i did another
hmmmmmmm...i think of this one as
the Bat Guardian.

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.  
~Robin Williams

just another afternoon quickie...stay cool...
laura  :]


  1. I'm with you on the Bat Guardian...Ba tector (bat + protecter)...:)JP I need a beverage!

  2. what a gorgeous katydid!
    indeed the poetry of the earth is never dead. it is always rhyming and telling stories and living..

  3. Photo number one is so cute! Love the katydid peeking over the banana leaf.

  4. I haven't seen a katydid in forever. That first picture is priceless.

    ♥ the bones :)

  5. I hate to be a copycat, but yes, the katydid is really cute! Once again you found a ham posing for you. Very unique-would be a great commerical. And Mexican Petunias? They grow pretty wild around Fort Worth too. You can hardly keep them contained. You know, when you water them in late afternoon when the blooms have closed up-they snap like rice krispies! Your bone art is great!

  6. I had one perched on my screen door this evening. I was too tired to go get the camera though

  7. Home In The Hollow- yep! i'll drink to that!

    Emme- yes, true! nature has many stories to tell...we just have to learn to listen...

    Kateri- yeah! i was really lucky with that cute peek-a-boo shot!!

    BeMistified- again...lucky shot!! ...the bones...always FUN! ha!

    Susan- seems as though i have a few 'hams' in the yard! the 'mexican petunias'...that's what i've heard them called??! here in FL anyway...but i don't know what they REALLY are...?? thanks for the compliment on the bone doodle! :]

    who wouda thunk it- if you were relaxing in the hot tub...i wouldn't wanna jump up and grab the camera either!

    Thanks ALL!! :]

  8. OH MY GOODNESS! great snaps. ...and a katydid munching on a banana tree leaf of I wish they these where I live. The katydid is so cute, and you captured her at such a true savouring moment too! Great yard by the way....I'd probably never go inside just keep snapping precious moments to savour!

  9. Yeah, I recognized the mexican petunias right off. We laugh when we see them for sale at the nurseries. I was digging the young ones up and taking them to work and giving them away. They spread real fast, but die off in the winter. You can always depend on them to come back in the spring!

  10. The katydid is cute. Hopefully she didn't eat up too much of your yard.

  11. Karen - thanks!! yes! the katydid WAS the cutest...peeking over the leaf like that!! and you're right, too, about not wanting to go back inside...there's so much happening on the other side of the door! :]

    Susan - i know what you mean...they grow like crazy...popping up all over the place! and they never die out completely! :]

    VM Sehy Photo - yes! we can all agree...the katydid is CUTE!! what a little face!! she even looks surprised!! ha! and...with all the plant eating critters around here...i'm actually pretty lucky! nothing is ever TOO devoured! well, except for certain caterpillars...they WILL eat a plant of their the ground! :]

    THANKS EVERYBODY!! i always...your time & thoughts! >>laura

  12. I love that first picture! You snap such great shots! I totally agree with the Robin Williams quote and am a big fan :) thanks for sharing your work !

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    Say hi to my bud Laurie aka "Chief"

  14. carver3040!! thanks...yeah, that first shot was a VERY lucky being in the right place @ the right time...WITH camera! thanks!! :]

    Ruth!! thanks for stopping by...and leaving your comments...i'll check out Rebecca...thanks for the suggestion!! (your bud Laurie/'chief'...from Lochloosa????!!

    thanks again you 2!! for swinging by here & leaving your thoughts!! i appreciate it!!

    laura :]


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