Wednesday, October 20, 2010

florida's “el lagarto”

NO...we haven't gone for a stroll through the misty...foggy...graveyard yet...
BUT...the month isn't over...

we DID however...go for a sunday hike on the La Chua Trail,
which is part of   Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
(22,000 acre wilderness)  in Gainesville, FL.
Paynes Prairie basin  was formed when a number of sinkholes 
which were close together eventually merged.
the La Chua Trail  trail leads around  Alachua Sink...
which works like a drain  in the floor of the basin 
providing an essential 'recharge' of the Floridian Aquifer...
our drinking water.
for over 12,000 years this has been a gathering spot
 for prehistoric animals and people... can spot all sorts of wildlife along the trail...or in the prairie itself.
this area provides habitat for alligators, bison, wild horses, eagles,
hawks and 271 other species of birds.
(great blue heron)

all the many times we've visited the park...hiked the many trails...
we've yet to spot a horse OR bison!!
we did see bison POOP one time...
and i actually have a picture to prove it...
somewhere...on a disc...  :]

((The American alligator has survived the test of time. 
The family Alligatoridae first appeared about 35 million years ago.
The name “alligator” is widely believed to have come from the Spanish name “el lagarto”. 
This eventually changed into "aligarto" and then "alligator" by English settlers.))

"why can't we all just get along..."  
like this heron & gator are doing here!

this gator's up on his tippy-toes...running for the cover of water.

the Gulf Fritillary...wings a flappin'...

the Buckeye butterfly

the last time we were here...there were LOTS of gators...
lining the shore...running up and down the waterway.
but the water was much higher then. they must've moved on to 
Lake Wauberg...the 300 acre lake of Paynes Prairie.

this little lizard...the florida anole...was green...seconds before this picture was taken!
he scooted from a lighter sandy the darker...browner leaves...
and so he quick-changed...camouflaged himself...

i  'sepia'd'  this one...reminds me of an old postcard now...
The land of sunshine, oranges...and alligators."


ok...quick...before i run...if you're looking for some ideas...
to get those creative juices flowing...for your pumpkin carving this year...
check out this site...
there are some pretty weird faces here...

stay cool. and  keep wandering.
(enjoy nature...and october)
laura   :]


  1. I enjoy your site so much! My sister & brother-in-law used to live in Gainsville & we visited them once. That was the only time I was ever in Florida, but I enjoyed it very much - especially all the different plants & animals! Those Alligators are so prehistoric-looking, and I guess indeed they are...The bird, I believe, is a Great Blue Heron, which we also have here in Washington State. You might enjoy my tale of the anoles that I used to have: see August 15 on my web site.

  2. Your photos are beautiful as always. It looks like you get so close! Stay safe :)

  3. Wow, Laura!! You are a brave woman! LOL! ~ Great photos of those gators! :)

  4. mustang sally - glad you liked the link!! :]

    ladybug - you're right!! those birds are great blue herons!! i edited my info on the post! thanks!! i'll take a look at the anoles on your site too!

    simply green - thanks...some of the things i get pic's of...i DO get close...and these gators...i'm thankful for the zoom on my camera!!

    Thanks for stopping by...and taking the time to leave your comments!! :]

  5. Becky! thanks for stopping by!! hey, i'm not really THAT brave...the pictures make it look as though i'm closer than i really am! yes, i have to get a little close...but not too close for comfort! :]

  6. Holy gators! WHen I come to NOT take me there!!!..:)JP

  7. Really cool gator pics-the "swamp people" would be envious! But, my favorite is the Blue Heron-you can see his reflection in the water. I would like to see one some day. Also like the "fiddle playin" skeleton. You have the coolest Halloween pics, Ms. Bones!

  8. Hi Laura, especially loved the heron and the alligator "why can't we all just get along.."
    Looks like a great place to visit, and it seems the warning signs stay put there. In outback Australia, the crocodile signs are regularly sourvenired :D

  9. stunning images as always!! I always learn heaps from your postings - thank you :)

  10. You're much braver than I am. I'm terrified of alligators. I don't know if I could walk through a park that had them. Cool shots, though.

  11. Love the tippy toe gator! My husband and I have camped here, back before we became Wyomingites!
    You live in a beautiful area AND you take advantage of it...happy thursday!

  12. ...time is just flying can i make it S L O W least for ONE day!! i have so much to catch up on.... :/

    thanks to ALL who wandered down the gator trail! i think they're fascinating creatures...but this is as close as i'll get.

    ** their...water! no matter how HOT i get!**

    thanks!! :]

  13. Love the alligator walking. I've only seen that a couple times and it's always so weird to see how tall they actually are. Just catching up on your blog as I've been indisposed for a few weeks. Lots of great pictures as always.

  14. Leah!! i agree with ya there!! the gators sure do look kind of weird when they stand tall like that...comical!! comical at a distance ONLY!!

    again, thanks for stopping by!! :]


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