Monday, October 4, 2010

two unusual yard critters

this has to be another 'quickie'!
i'm off to work in about 45 minutes, but i wanted to post these pictures that i took yesterday!

sam and i rode the 4wheeler across the street...into the field where i usually find most of the BoNES i collect.
on the way back home...while passing the front fence...where the Cherokee Rose Vine grows wild...

sam spotted this caterpillar...

the Automeris Io which becomes the Io Moth, or Peacock Moth.  i haven't seen one...but i copied the picture they have on the Discover Life link....
(this is NOT my picture!)


so...we get back home...i'm wandering around with the camera...when i spot a PINK dragonfly!! i've seen and taken pictures of the blue ones, the emerald green ones...grayish ones...but i've never seen THIS one!! and i actually got a picture!!
i looked it up...i'm pretty sure it's a male Roseate Skimmer
and no...i didn't enhance...or change the color!!
(remember, you can click on my photos to enlarge)

anyway...gotta run. just wanted to get this 'out there'!!

stay cool. have a good week.
laura  :]


  1. That's just a knock-your-socks-off picture of the pink dragonfly. Wow Laura !!

  2. That is a wicked looking caterpillar! I also ♥ the dragon fly.

  3. Pink dragon fly..there's something ya don't see every day! So pretty!

  4. Wonderful pink dragonfly! How fortunate to see it :)

  5. cool caterpillar, we had a wicked strange looking one I need to go check 'What's that Bug' for. I got some good pictures before Sis removed them from the grapefruit tree they were devouring.

    and a PINK dragonfly ... beautiful.

    ps. Come to my blog for tea, I have something for you.


  6. Good photographs. Yesterday I bought a shadowbox with seven butterflies in it - mainly b/c two I hadn't seen before and they're gorgeous. I have a thing for then I guess -- years ago bought a frame with seven in them, so this is to add to it....I could not bring myself to do this to them myself, though...

  7. I love that caterpillar. Good eye. I wouldn't have seen him. He blends right into the branch.

  8. Hey, Laura...that pink dragonfly looks like a jewel!!...:JP

  9. thanks!! thanks!! to all of YOU who have stopped by...AND left your kind words!!
    i always appreciate...knowing what you had to say!

    i am truly humbled that people from all over the world have taken the time to 'walk in the forest' with me!!

    again...thanks!!!! laura :]


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