Wednesday, October 6, 2010

blog awards?!

busy. busy. busy.

no time to catch up...on things left undone. things that need finishing!
i need to stop. breathe.
let me take a few minutes to mention that there's an 'AWARD' going around...
a blogger receives it...and then passes it on to other blogs they like.

it kinda reminds me of one of those emails you get that says..."pass this along to..."

well, i don't do them.  does that make me a party pooper?
am i spoiling the pleasure of declining to participate with enthusiasm??

i think anyone who has a blog...anyone who takes the time to post their thoughts,
writings, feelings, stories, photos, art...
deserves an award.

every someone's special place.

usually...when someone leaves me a comment...if they have a blog...i go check it out.
and if their blog interests me...i follow...

ANYWAY, two of the blogs i visit regularly & vice-versa...
have passed this award along to me...and other bloggers.
and i thank them for that!!
if i WERE to pass this award along...they would be on my list.

BeMistified   AND    Functional Koas 
for including me in your 'award' giving!  :)   (check out their blogs!)

and after you check them are a few more  i feel deserve a mention...
A Snail's Eye View
another day in paradise
Confessions of a Tumbleweed
Erika Jean
Home in the Hollow
L'anima della fenice (translation: The soul of the Phoenix)
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Random Ramblings
Rusty's Retreat
Shutter Bug
Snail's Tales
The Featured Creature
The Laughing Raccoon
this n that
Tudo que me faz bem  (translation: All that makes me feel good)
Ugly Overload wonder i have trouble keeping up! and there are many more too...on my list...
it's hard to pick just a few!
day to day. nature. critters. life. funny stuff. journeying.

I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands.  You need to be able to throw something back.  ~Maya Angelou 

so...i'll leave you with a couple of  pictures taken during the past week...
and peace...and light...and love...and all things good...
Red-Shouldered Hawk in the front yard.

One of the greatest necessities in America is to discover creative solitude. 
~Carl Sandburg 

as the sun sets...looking west...from the front yard.

have a good rest of the day...night...whatever zone you're in!  
laura :]


  1. Hi Laura, i like your blog soooo much and your landviews - it must be satisfying to live there.
    In Tirol its also beautiful but not so much nature you have at home.
    So i'll always return to your blog, because nature and love is the best we can have in life.
    Take care about yourself-

  2. Thanks so much for having my blog on Your fav list. I love what You do with Your blog . Thanks too for being such an Awesome E-Friend! peace
    Have you seen my NC garden blog. I just posted there this morning too.

  3. Oh wow! Thank you. As a new blogger I have to say that gives me such a boost. At this time of year I wonder what direction the blog will be able to take. Winter can seem so quiet on the nature scene. ATB!oxfgz

  4. aww ... no worries dear. We all have our own ways of 'sharing the love'. Yours was the first blog I 'followed' when I started this and still one I look eagerly to see if you posted yet when I log on.

    Love that hawk, I don't see too many of them here in SC. I used to get almost daily visits back in KY, kinda miss that.

  5. Laura...thanks for putting me on your list! Maybe I'll see if I can get the old man to build you a bat house. Hey,I, ME, found a bone today in my yard while weed whacking...:) XOXO

  6. Thank you for putting me on this list. I am really honored. Love the sunset shot. There's something about the pinks and peaches in the sky at sunset.

  7. Well said Laura. Party Pooper? No way.
    It'd be a boring old blogland if everyone held the same views.

    Mustang Sally nailed it when she said "we all have our own ways ..."
    Cheers :D

  8. You really have a wonderful parcel of forest out there and I thank you for sharing your pictures and stories of them.

    Surely even without the awards we are happy to rave about your blog.

    I have just discovered this recently and I really admire your crafts....there's just so much more to know and see here, I just keep coming back!

    Cheers! ^_^

  9. I have onlt gotten one award, ever, and I was kind of happy about it. you may be just a teeny bit poopish!

  10. THANKS!! and YOU'RE WELCOME to Cheri, Terica, Rusty, Mustang Sally, Home In The Hollow, VM Sehy, Susan!! i look forward to YOUR blogs...and everyone deserves a little BOOST...and mention...

    Hexenessel...thanks for the kind words!! (i've added one of your blogs to my list to follow also!! great stuff!)

    and Midnight happy you stopped by and enjoyed your visit!! and thanks for YOUR kind words also! :) i appreciate it alot!!

    wno would thunk it...u can call me poopish...HA! i just gave own special mention...i like to think it's kind of my own way of giving an consider yourself awarded... :) yeah...sometimes i guess i can be a little POOPY!

    THANKS ALL!! :]

  11. Hi, I am still very new at blogging and have very little knowledge of how it all works. Just writing bits and pieces of what I think. Don't know about pictures and the rest. Maybe later.
    Sure enjoy your blog and your pictures are really great.

  12. Laura - Love your site, & it's great to see someone else who is as crazy about nature and all the fantastic life out there as I am. I also collect bones, but tend to keep them as skeletons to use in teaching kids about how things are "built". I enjoy contrasting your wildife with what we have up here in NW Washington State. We did live in Texas for a couple of years & visited Florida once, so know there are all sorts of wonderful DIFFERENT creatures "down there".I'm not crazy about awards either, but you definitely deserve one!!

  13. Thank you for the gorgeous photos and your insights.

  14. karen forester, Ladybug and smileys_hope...thanks for stopping in!! and so glad you enjoyed my small piece of nature here!

    and Ladybug...nice to hear we have a common interest...BONES!! if we were to compare them...i can just imagine the difference between washington & FL...WOW!!

    thanks for all your kind words guys!! laura :]


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