Saturday, October 9, 2010

all mixed up

((what's All Mixed Up?
this post.
massage.  bones. spider web. bugs.))
~have fun~

today sam and i are taking the camper over to Neptune Beach...
east of Jacksonville....and north of
Jacksonville Beach.  it's only about a 2 hour drive,
but we decided to spend the night!

i'm taking a continuing ed. class in REIKI for my massage license. 
(Reiki - energy healing. you can learn more from Caring Palms.)
(by the way...if you're ever in that area...check out Caring Palms...
either for a massage...or for Reiki class.)

anyway, while i'm in class...
sam will hunt for a campsite!!

Massage is the study of anatomy in Braille.
and here's another BoNE dOOdle i did last week.
sam came up with that name, which i thought was pretty cool! 
doodling...but not with a pen or pencil...
but with BoNES!
made of raccoon, armadillo and deer bones. this was BoNE dOOdle #4.

Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust - 
we all dance to a mysterious tune, 
intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.  
~Albert Einstein, in The Saturday Evening Post, 26 October 1929 

NOW take a look at this SPIDERWEB...front yard...facing west...
as the sun was slowly going lit up...sparkling...glimmering...
you couldn't miss it!  and it's HUGE!!  (banana spider's web)
that may LOOK's october...we're getting ready for Halloween...
nope! it's for real!!

The nastiest things they saw were the cobwebs: 
dark dense cobwebs with threads extraordinarily thick, 
often stretched from tree to tree, 
or tangled in the lower branches on either side of them . 
~from The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien

and lastly...2 more pictures!!  

a picture of this strange looking bug i took across the the field...
looks like a cross between...a spider...and...a grasshopper???? 
**OCT 11 - my sister-in-law (another day in paradise) has ID'd this critter!
it's a green lynx spider !  thanks joanne!!**
you can read more about the green lynx here.

and this one IS a grasshopper!
on our banana plant...
 ...til next time...

You don't want to get to the end of life's journey 
and discover you never left the interstate.  
~Robert Brault 

stay cool...laura  :]


  1. Now that's spooky! The spider web is perfect tho, for the season. I just couldn't get too close. It is so amazing how some creatures blend in and coordinate with their choice of flower. Your half-breed spider/hopper owns the plant it's on. That's a really cool picture. Have a good time this weekend Laura!

  2. Neat! Those photos of the webs are first class. Mind you I'm not at all sure I would like to run into one. (Grin - been there, done that in the bush). As for that green fellow - very interesting. Perhaps she could clame to be an Irish Spider? Naw...but.... ATB!

  3. You've done it again! Terrific pictures. love the animal massage.

  4. I just love your bone doodles. do you ever tack them done and sell them? or just "doodle" with them?

  5. back home...and now catching up!
    Thanks Susan, Rusty, lovelight and Erika Jean!!

    i still have to look up that spider-like bug on the yellow flowers...pretty weird looking...

    as far as the HUGE spider web...yeah, i walk into them all the time! fortunately, not ones THAT big! ugh! or i'd freak out!!

    yeah, the squirrel massage is pretty cool...fitting for the post anyway!

    and the BoNE Doodles...nope, haven't made any permanent...not yet anyway. just 'doodling' for now! :)

    thanks guys! and i promise to visit you later today or i the next couple of days...i need more TIME !! :]

  6. that spider web is out of control!! Wouldn't want to be a bug stuck in that thing...

  7. Wow!! Just knocked out at your mixed bag Laura. Everyone's pretty much said it, but, heck ... those spider webs. Unbelievable. Wouldn't time-lapse photography be great on the spinning of them!

    BoNE dOOdle .. what a great name Sam, onya!

    Hope your overnight camp was enjoyable and restful. All the best and thanks again for your post :D

  8. Hey, girl...the bone doodle=RAD!! (aka raccoon, armadillo, deer); you know spiders are NOT my favorite; that green "creature" looks more like a spider to me...I love the squirrels!! My best friend is certified in Reiki!! I want to take a class...let me know how it is!:)JP

  9. I think that spider may be OCD and ADHD at the same time, judging by the web!! The other spider looks like an Orb Weaver, but I've never seen a green one! wow

  10. boy was I wrong!! that little green spidey is a Green Lynx, and he sprays venom, not harmful to humans, but can give you a nasty sting

  11. featured creature- you're definitely right! that spider and his web is OUTA CONTROL!

    just like who wouda thunk it said...he's OCD and ADHD at the same time!! HA!!

    Susan...yes! time lapse would be great! that web is HUGE but being prob just took him no time at all!!

    Home In The Hollow-class was good. now i just need to continue with Reiki 2 and then 3...RAD bone doodles! cool! ha!

    and again...who wouda thunk it...thanks for IDing the spider! the green one...i edited the post and gave you credit!! thanks!!

    thanks ALL!! :]

  12. The bone doodles are amazing! Very should sell those!

  13. Thanks Rascal Rescue and VM Sehy Photo...for taking a look at this 'mixed up' post!

    i love doing the bone doodles...and so far, have just played around...taken pic when done...and then break it apart...BUT sam did suggest maybe doing them in some sort of deep frame & filling with resin??!! to preserve. something to think about...

    yeah...that spider web...GIGANTIC!! really quite unbelievable...i wonder if it was a family effort??!!

    THANKS !! :]

  14. The quote from The Hobbit is perfect to go with that spiderweb. What an amazing piece work that spider wove! I love the bone doodle. So creative.

  15. THANKS (again) Kateri for visiting my blog...i think we share a common interest...NATURE...and all the 'little things' that can be seen...if we just take the time to LOOK! :]

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