Friday, October 1, 2010

frisky friday

bumper stickers.
they make for interesting reading when you're stopped at a light.
i like bumper stickers! 
the things people choose to stick on their vehicles 
really says a lot about who they are...

what political party they belong to.  or what political party they despise.
how many people are in their family...
with decals depicting adults, children and even pets.
what causes they're passionate, yellow, red...ribbons.
rainbow stickers.  peace symbols.
favorite teams...sports...breed of dog.
favorite band...brand.
what university they went to.
what restaurant they favor.
their kid's an honor student.
there's a baby on board.
some people are proud to admit 
that their other car is a broom...that they're spoiled rotten bitches...
that they'll shop 'til they drop...that they have PMS and a handgun.

the fish symbol with 'jesus' in the middle  OR  the fish symbol with legs.

whew! it does make me smile to see what people slap onto their cars...

one day i was sitting behind a motorcycle cop, at a light...
and around the license plate on the back of his bike...said...
i thought that was great!!  so true!
a cop pulls up behind adrenaline starts pumping...
i feel like i'm gonna hyperventilate.
 i feel guilty even though i haven't done anything to feel guilty about!

what about the trucks that have these 'BALLS' hanging from the trailer hitch??!!
does the guy driving this truck want everyone to know that he has big balls...
that he's tough...a redneck??  
that he wants to be like a steer? a bull? 
that he thinks of himself as a stud?
i don't know about you, but when i'm behind a truck with these balls dangling...
it just makes me laugh!! yeah, out loud!!!

ok ok. i've talked enough. anyway, it's been a while since i rambled.
it felt good. and i've had this bumper sticker thing going on in my head for a while now.

well, it wouldn't be fair if i didn't leave without posting the back of my car...
just don't hold anything against me, ok?
self expression. free speech. individuality. right?

OH more thing...
i was playing around with my BoNES again this morn...
laid out on felt...nothing permanent...just foolin' around.
((squirrel skull at top...raccoon vertebrae, small bones are raccoon and armadillo mix, and the little 'heart shaped' flower tops are the cushions/pads that are between the deer vertebrae))

the weather's cooling a little here in north central FL...
hopefully where ever you's comfortable too!

...back to time...

be safe. be happy. don't worry.
laura :]


  1. Had to smile about the balls hanging from the trailer hitch. My daughter is a veterinarian, and the balls occasionally hanging off their cars really are - um - well, you get the picture.

  2. My bumper stickers were actually taped to my back window, that way they are not permanent on my car. I had "Don't piss me off, I am running out of places to hide the bodies." "My imaginary friend thinks you have serious issues." "Friends help you move, real friends help you move bodies." You know stuff like that. My favorite one though, is my metal sign in the back window that says "City Morgue Body Drop-Off No Parking." this pointed to my trunk. Good times.

  3. HA!!! thanks Garden Path AND BeMistified!

    REAL balls dangling....and Dropping bodies at the Morgue!!
    that's hysterical!!

    thanks for making me laugh!!
    cheers! :]

  4. I saw a bumper sticker that said
    "only users lose drugs" I laughed so hard I thought I was gonna pee myself!

  5. the mushrooms w/my heart shapes...:)JP

  6. Me again...forgot to mention,,,we have one of those pick-up trucks with "balls" that lives on our road!!!..:)JP...YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAW!

  7. Howdy Laura, I love reading bumper stickers too. My favorite is "Visualize Whirled Peas" followed by "I fear no weevil"

    your Bone compositions are BEAUTIFUL! I visited your Etsy shop too, very nice. You have a great eye! happy saturday, stacey

  8. THANKS who wouda thunk it!! Home In The Hollow!! and Trucking Tumbleweed!!
    i guess we all have our own personal bumper sticker & BALLS stories and favorites! i just might have to dedicate another future post to name some of these! good stuff! HA!!
    ...and thanks for checking out my art too...trucking tumbleweed! :]

  9. Love the bone picture!

    Bumper stickers are fun. My favorite is one I saw one time riding down the road with my ex. We had been arguing all afternoon and by this point in time we were just NOT talking.

    He pulled up behind a car that had this bumper sticker ...

    "Men are idiots ... and I married their King" I started giggling, and he wanted to know What was so funny? Of course, knowing the answer would have just escalated the situation so I hesitated to tell him.

    But not telling him right away made him angrier and his What's so FUNNY just made me laugh harder. He followed my gaze and said "Hrrmmph, I don't see what's so funny about THAT" which made me laugh HYSTERICALLY of course.

    The harder I laughed, the more mad he got, and before to long tears were rolling down my face. He got over it eventually. I still giggle when I think about it.

  10. mustang sally...hahahaaaaa!!!! i can just picture that!!
    but i bet HE never thought that was matter how much time passed!
    that was being in the right the right time!

    ...giggle on... :]

  11. love your bones!
    and bumper stickers have kept me laughing for years. thanks for the giggle.

  12. thanks lovelight!
    anything that makes us a good thing. :) we have to remember to stay on the 'lighter side'...esp now...when life can get a little rough & worrisome! thanks for stopping by. :]

  13. Laura, Frisky Friday was great! You've got my vote! I only have an antenna ball wearing BUG goggles on my car! I, too, like the mushroom-like characters on your artwork!


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