Wednesday, September 29, 2010

critters and bones...

it's wednesday...HUMP DAY as it's sometimes called...
middle of the work week...2 and a half down...and 2 to go!

as my previous post...more OWL pic's!!
sam was out back BBQing...came running in...said the owl just flew into one of the trees out back!

i grabbed my camera, hoping he wasn't in the shadows! he wasn't!

<< checking out the yard...
      scratching >>



The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. 
~Chief Seattle
this is the Hackberry Butterfly. 
seen on the weedy kind of wildflowers along our front fence line!

the Florida Anole. 
on a brick in the side yard. these little lizard critters are all over the place in florida.
this one is the Brown Anole. i think...because of his spots and line down his back. the TRUE green anoles are the ones that camouflage themselves...changing from green to brown...and in between.
there are a number of these critter pictures on my blog. i never get tired of taking their pictures. they have such personality!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ what do i do when i'm not working...taking pictures...reading...creating...
if you know me at might've guessed,
and you'd be right!

i'll leave you with a couple of pictures i took...of my 
bone designs...just laid out on a piece of felt...
then after the pic was taken, the bones went back into the box 
for future creative moments...
me, just having fun with some of my bone collections!
deer, armadillo, raccoon
Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.  
~Twyla Tharp 

have a good day. be safe. stay cool.
laura :]


  1. I love that first bone design! Who knew bones could be so beautiful!

  2. Amazing shots, once again =D. Oh, nad the bones are quite awesome :P

  3. the design on felt..the heart shaped ones are???? from the spine?...:) JP

  4. What a beautiful Owl. I have a little Frog Mouth Owl who sits outside my studio window from time to time, watching me paint. He is my muse and fills me with a quiet calm.

    The bone pics are lovely...
    I really look forward to seeing what you find on your travels. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Laura, thanks for your lovely assortment of pics.
    The owl scratching is wonderful - what a bonus!
    The anole has such long delicate claws.
    Your bone collections are a unique work of art and your love of them certainly shows. It's totally enjoyable seeing what you do with them :D

  6. That anole is cute. I love taking pictures of lizards and that sort of thing. We don't have any in Montana that I can tell. Reno in more arid environments was a goldmine.

  7. That owl is just awesome! He is looking at you and saying "Cheese!" haha!

    I am really ♥ing the first art piece. Just awesome.

  8. That is an incredibly beautiful picture of the owl. I have one in my yard, I hear him but haven't seen him yet. He's not a ham like yours. LOL

  9. thanks to ALL of you...who've stopped by...wandered around...and took the time to leave me your thoughts and kind words!
    NOW to answer any questions that were asked...
    Home In The Hollow! :] yes! the little heart shaped bones are from in between the deer vertebrae...the little 'cushions'!

    Joan! a little Frog Mouth Owl!! i definitely have to look that one up!!

    take care! (and i think we can all agree...the OWL is an amazing creature! well, they ALL are...but there's just something about anowl...) thanks again!
    laura :]

  10. I believe that beautiful owl was looking right at you when you got that shot! He's such a ham! And I also like your bone design on the black. That's incredible art!

  11. Very cool owl pics and great blog. peace

  12. Susan AND Terica!! thanks! :] yeah...OWLS!! such cool critters...and these owls in our yard don't seem to mind posing now and then!! good thing!


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