Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my little slice of nature

today's my third day back to work since vacation.  my appointments aren't 'til this afternoon so i have a little time to spend here.

the last stop on our vacation was at Stephen Foster St Pk in white springs, FL. we've been to that park lots of times...they have a bat house there...a couple of years ago we rode our bikes there just after wait for the bats to emerge. wow! they POURED out of there.  i had taken a couple of movies with our's a little dark (after dusk!)  but pretty cool if you've never seen bats from this perspective. it's only like 45 seconds long. i hope you can view it!
after watching this old bat video...i got to thinking about bats...i know we have them here...cause there's a cool bat house at UF. hmmmmm...maybe i'll ask sam if he wants to build a bat house out back...sounds like it could be a pretty cool project. like we don't have enough to do!
i just hope i remember to ask him before he reads it here...  :]
i found a site where you can buy an already made one, or construct your own: 
i have ONE picture of a TEENY WEENY bat from years back when we went to the florida state caverns. the bat was curled up on the ceiling in one of the cavern rooms.
he's upside down...
since we've been home, i've been 'snapping away...hope you enjoy my side of nature. :)

the gulf fritillary butterfly. usually 2 or 3 at the same time on the lantana.
Flowers and butterflies drift in color, illuminating spring.  ~Author Unknown 
~the meeting of the minds~
hmmm...where shall we start...should we split up? we can divide this plant into three...
(stink bugs)

Life's a journey, not a destination.  ~Aerosmith 
wow!!!  what a gorgeous emerald dragonfly!!  usually i see the bluish ones...not THIS!!  so cool! look at those markings!!
this web looks like very well lived in...uh...on!!
banana spider...and baby

well...better run...
let's keep our eyes & minds open...
It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. ~   Helen Keller 
take care. stay cool.   laura  :]


  1. Your dragonfly picture is amazing!

  2. The dragonfly pic caught my eye too..and the bat video..WOW!

  3. wow that is such an amazing dragonfly!!.. I think I'm going to do a post on dragonflies next now XD lol

  4. Laura, cool video! & yes ask Sam to build you a bat house;Joe built one here & there's fresh bat poop all the time...:) JP

  5. Marvelous pics, as always... :)

  6. Welcome Back and thanks for all the cool pics, as usual. I LOVE the green dragon fly!

  7. I have always wanted bat houses here in my yard, on the park. but I figure sure a hell the "nrighborhood" would freak the f# out further establishing me as the resident crazy. ( I suppose somebody has to be!)

  8. YES!!! to Garden Path, Cheri, Carly and Trucking Tumbleweed...i was amazed at that dragonfly too!!! i hadn't seen one like that...the bright green...until THAT day. and since, i've seen a few and taken a couple of more pic's!! i have this amazing picture of a dragonfly with dew on it...NOT MY PHOTO...someone sent it to me...but i'll have to post it! it's so awesome!!

    Home In the Hollow...i mentioned it to sam...he said SURE!! so, what do you use the bat poop for? fertilizer? didn't they also use it for gun powder or something???

    Kathy!! thanks for looking and liking the pictures!!!! :)

    and Joanne...who wouda thunk it...i one!!! if you're already the resident crazy...who cares!! :]

    MUCHO thanks to everyone!!! :)

  9. The video of the bats is fantastic !!!!! But like you had the courage to stay there filming everything ????? The photos are wonderful ... well ... as always! Thanks Laura for us to share in these wonders !!!!!

  10. thanks Patty! ha! it's not like the bats were trying to nest in my hair or anything!! haha!! it was really awesome to see in person...the bats just POURING out of there!! thanks for looking an & commenting!

  11. Laura, honey
    It's really a terrible earache.
    Thankfully for his esteem in my improvement.

    That the starlight also enlighten you.
    Ps.: beautiful images!
    My favorite: the spider libéluba and near the end.

    Kiss on your soul
    * * *

  12. Selena!! glad your ear is improving!! the spiders are one of my favorite things to take pictures of! AND their webs!! :)

  13. Как говорилось на Я не на что не жалуюсь просто давайте поболтаем обо всем о женском)))


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