Saturday, September 25, 2010

almost october, nature and bones...

my favorite time of day...just before dawn. it's dark...quiet.

my favorite almost here.
october brings cooler weather. the leaves are starting to turn shades of red...
and  floating down to the ground.
october also brings halloween! probably my favorite holiday.
zombies. ghosts. vampires & werewolves. all things spooky and dark....and fun!
haunted houses...horror and all things ghoulish...spiders & their webs...

stepping out the front door the other morning...we couldn't believe the
size of this spider web!
from the porch roof...down to the railing! REALLY looks like we were getting ready for halloween!
earlier this week we heard the Barred Owl's  distinctive HOOT out was still light out so i grabbed my camera. usually it's too dark to get a decent picture. i was lucky this day!

   and a few more cool pictures from this past week...
...and for those of you that know about my 'bone collecting'...i found a hog carcass earlier this week. or maybe it was a boar? i'm not sure. all i do know is that it stunk...was pretty clean of all meat. BIG rib cage with spine...intact. i wouldn't have even known it was a hog...except for the hooves. obviously dumped along the side of the road by a wasn't there the previous day.  my son & i tossed it over the fence, into a it wouldn't get run over or dragged away. i'll go claim it this weekend with sam. and if it still smells, which it probably will...i'll set it way out back...cover it with wire or something...and let the insects and weather continue the cleaning process!

i also finished another "Bone Garden" art piece. (you can check out the Planet Beenderen tab above!)
this one is made of raccoon, armadillo and deer bones. 
"Chief Beenderen: Protector of the Planet"
well, it's nearly 5:00. 
AM that is. 
time for another cup of coffee.
it's kinda funny how i wake up earlier on the weekend than i do during the week. 
i think it's because i don't want to waste any time. 
'my' time. 
'free' time.
i don't want to sleep away any hours.
There are never enough hours in a day, 
but always too many days before Saturday.

have a safe weekend...
enjoy. be adventurous. discover.

laura  :]


  1. Laura, you are such a brave soul...spiders, webs, goblins! Love your new Protector!! Wish we lived closer...:)JP

  2. Laura Oh dear

    "in response":
    Do not hesitate to do! Same regardless of season ... the flowers welcome the door to welcome into our home who have nothing better

    Wow! Really admirable work with animal bones.

    Ah, the animals photographed are beautiful ... the perfect images.

    Thankfully once again, my "FRIEND" by his words and for sharing with these people here are so much beauty and creativity.

    Kiss of light in your noble soul.

  3. Wow that owl is just freaking awesome! The lizard eating the bug = Awesome. The spider web the spider also AWESOME!

    Your art is beyond awesomeness.

    I have given you a blog award!

    Found at this post:

    I hope you have a great day!

  4. Hi Laura .. you never cease to delight.
    The spiderweb is gorgeous, how many painstaking hours must it have taken to spin!!
    Adore the owl pic too. So lucky to have caught him. You are indeed a creature whisperer. I once caught just a peripheral glance of one taking off from the huge pine near our window and felt lucky.
    Other pics, of course, are tops too. Cheers :D

  5. Ok, Laura, I did look at your suggested link for the Daddy Long Legs spider...couldn't finish it. In Kansas, we came across a lot of Daddy Long Legs. One day, walking home from school, the neighbor boy found one, picked it up and tossed it my way. It landed on my nose! I almost hurt mysel getting away from it-I slapped that boy all the way home. But, in all the ones we encountered none tried to bite us. On a sweeter note, the owl looks to be such a precious bird. I've never seen one close enough to get a picture, but they're such a pretty bird. I really enjoy your photography and stories!

  6. This is amazing work. My first visit to your blog.

    That squirrel pic is beautiful!

  7. JP-HomeInTheHollow!! you're funny! it's not like i'm handling these spiders, etc...((although i do get wrapped up in their webs now and then! yuck!)) just getting pictures is all! :)

    WhoWoudaThunkIt! nope...not shittin ya! i'm a very early riser,,,esp when i DON'T have to get up for work! go figure!!

    Selena!! yes, i will do the flowers! thanks for stopping by & enjoying my side of nature!! :)

    BeMistified!! you're too much!! i don't know what to say...i'm so humbled...speechless...thanks so very much for ALL your KIND WORDS!! and AN AWARD!! i have NEVER won anything in my life!! OMG!!

    Susan ...(bee keeping susan)!! thanks for stopping by!! yeah...the owl...very cool...i was quite lucky to get that one!!

    Susan (KardKorner) that was a hysterical story!!! i wonder if my oldest son had a similar situation at some point...since he's kinda...sorta...REALLY afraid of spiders!! THANKS for all your kind words!! :)

    Siddharth Soni!! glad you found me here...and were able to spend a few minutes...enjoying nature...thanks so much for taking the time to leave your thoughts too! cool!! :)

    Thanks everyone!!! :) laura

  8. That spider web is cool. We once had a web that went down from the roof of the house we were renting and across to our car. It was probably six feet top to bottom and four feet across. That was one busy spider.

  9. I just ran across your blog. I was looking at your pictures and I thought I have all of these animals in my yard. LOL I looked and you're right around the corner from me. That explains all the same critters. You weren't in my yard were you? LOL

  10. VM Sehy!! that web sounds even BIGGER than the one we had out front...but ours was pretty close!! yes, amazing spiders!! what they can accomplish in ONE night! wow!

    OhRant! small world, eh? out of ALL the blogs out run across one from someone 'right around the corner'...pretty weird!

    Thanks you 2!! i appreciate the time you took wander around... :]

  11. Hi Laura,
    i love your pictures of nature and animals soo much, i love also your art and yesterday they showed a documentation of Australia, would be a paradise for you with all the bones in the "Wüste" dont know the name in english, sorry.
    Go on like this

  12. Hexenessel! Thanks for stopping by...and taking the time to leave your thoughts...and i agree...australia would prob be a 'gold mine' for new and different bones!! they have such a 'variety' of animals there! thanks again! :) laura


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