Saturday, September 18, 2010

butterfly & skink!

two posts in one day...
but i had to get these two pictures up!
this is the Buckeye Butterfly. 
sam spotted this one along the front fence line!

lucky shot!!  blue tailed skink.
out back on a dead tree.

that's it for now...just a quickie!  :]


  1. Oh, the skink! Outstanding!

  2. Very nice!!

    I have an idea for a post for you ;-)
    Tell us about what camera you use and how you get the pictures you do! We have a lot of backyard critters, but I can't seem to get a picture before they run away!!! How do you do it??

  3. thanks Kathy!! yeah, what an awesome, BRIGHT skink!! i was shocked when he actually stayed there...and didn;t run away before i could get the pic!!

    Erika Jean...good idea!! i'll do that. i had someone ask me before ina comment what camera i use, and i posted it, i THINK...but that was a while ago...basically...i see what i want a pic of...i wait...still-like...zoom in a little if i can without it blurring...and SHOOT! i miss alot! and get lucky alot. i haver a canon powershot 120sx. i'll do a post though...thanks!! :)
    PEACE guys! laura

  4. OH YEAH!! BeMistified!! he's beautiful!! wow!!

    >>how do you make those hearts?? is it like u do on FB... < and then the 3 ?? hmmm...i'll try it here. <3

  5. Beautiful pics! Once again a delight, Laura.
    I also get so much pleasure from the backgrounds in your shots. The bark of the tree the skink is in, its so full of character.

  6. Love the skink. Very vibrant shade of blue.

  7. dead tree-hw is that possible..
    gorgeous pics like always!

  8. thanks Susuan, VM Sehy and Emme!! i know i keep saying this...but YES!! that skink was so shiny!! i wonder if they shed their skin...other lizards do...that's what he looked like...with bright fresh skin!

    wood...weathered wood...dead wood...something else that fascinates me...and draws me in to look at all the patterns. Emme, you ask how is a dead tree possible? hmmm...well, this tree is mostly gone...ate up by bugs from the inside's hollow, with woodpecker holes and only about 5 feet tall. that's all that's left. it can't grow anymore. it's definitely dead. :(


  9. Beautiful!!!!I wish that my close up pictures would turn out like that

  10. Great shots. I hardly find a butterfly at rest long enough to get a good photo. I love the skink. They are all over the place at the museum where I used to work and I really miss the little critters.

  11. I love the skink too - such a beautiful blue.

    Are you lucky enough to live in the middle of a wilderness, that you have all of these fascinating creatures around your house?

    Thanks for your comments on my Thematic post :)

  12. Thanks Holly...Bunnits...and Alexia for stopping by!!

    and i think everyone agrees...that skink is amazing!!

    it does take a few shots before i get one i really like! the butterflies will sometimes sit long enough on a flower to focus in ...but sometimes...they just flit away! patience!

    i live outside the city...on a few acres. the back part of the property is pretty swampy in parts...and all wooded. then behind that there are pine forests. across the street is a field...used to be wooded til they pulled all the trees out a couple of years it's filled with native plants...
    all this makes for good exploring & picture taking!

    thanks again!! laura

  13. I just wanted to stop by and say that you are a very talented photographer. I love walking in the woods and seeing such interesting and beautiful creatures! Thank you for sharing your work with us. I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  14. carver!! thanks for stopping by...wandering...and for your kind words! it feels good to know that there are so many others out there who can (take the time to) see all the beauty of nature that surrounds us! and if someone doesn't have the time or means to 'get out there'...then they can sit back and take a journey through all the nature blogs!!
    thanks!! laura :]

  15. ...missed you too...Home In The Hollow!!! but you're having a fun time up there, aren't you?? before you know'll be back to the "same ol' same ol'". right?? keep smiling! i've been busy...have a short break for about another half an hour... :)

  16. Loved your "click eye beetle"! It would surely scare me away, but not without trying to get a good picture!

  17. you got that right Susan! this click beetle was easy to get a pic of...since he was already a dead click beetle...
    thanks for stopping by! :)


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