Monday, September 27, 2010

a few yard visitors...

the first thing i mentioned in my previous post was about that monster of a spider web outside our front door. last night we saw the spider in the middle of the web. BIG bulbous-bodied with markings on it's back! and hairy legs! it took some research...but i finally figured out what kind of spider it is.  an Orb Weaver! they're nocturnal so it's no wonder we didn't see her until night. they're pretty interesting can read more about them here!
ANYWAY i tried to get a good picture. hmmm...i haven't used my camera much at night. obviously i need to start practicing!  a little blurry...but it'll do...

here's a picture of...a young cardinal?? i spotted her in the yard yesterday on a 'downed tree trunk'. i say 'young' because she looks a little she has some new fluffy down feathers...and what's sticking out of her beak? feathers? 

and a pretty cool up-close shot of a dragonfly!

and here's a stink bug sitting on the handle of the garbage can!
i heard on the news the other night about a stink bug these bugs are coming big numbers. come to think of it...i have seen more than usual over the past few months. not nearly what i'd call an infestation...but, yeah, more than normal.

i  have a few more pictures of the owl...who was in the  backyard again yesterday afternoon.
so i'll post a few of those pictures next time.

ok...gotta get ready for work! 

honestly, i woke up thinking today was sunday.
sam just came out of the bedroom...dressed for work...
i had to do a double-take...wondering WHY he was awake so early...and wearing his work shirt!
yikes!  better get going!

stay cool...laura  ☺


  1. morning, laura...much easier to type w/o caps..thanks for that...i thought today was sunday too!

  2. Wow that dragon fly is AWESOME! Oh how I wish it was Sunday. Pictures rock and the bird sure does look like a young cardinal to me. Thank you for the pictures. I enjoy them!

  3. I just heard about the stinkbug thing too! They said whatever you do, don't vacuum them up, the smell will linger in the vacuum! lol

  4. I especially love the Orb Weaver and Dragonfly... such beneficial (and lovely) creatures to have in one's garden.

  5. I was just wondering... Do you edit your photos? 'Cause everyone says in photography and with technology these days everyone does it. But I would like to know if you do it too.

  6. Hi Laura, sympathies to you re: your sunday that wasn't.
    Terrific photos. That close up of Dragonfly just knocked me out!
    Looking forward to those other owl pics for next time too.
    Cheers for now, and put your feet up when you can, after that abrupt start to the day!! Cheerio :D

  7. I love orb weavers. The one you photographed looks similar to some spiders that used to cover this bridge in southern California. So perhaps that's what built our large web. We have them out here, too, but the webs are smaller. I've had the pleasure of photographing orb weaver hatchlings for three years in a row now. They're so tiny it's hard to get it right.

  8. hats not as bad as getting up on Sunday and think it is Monday and get dressed and go to work.
    Love your nature shots.

  9. Home In The Hollow! well, i made it through my monday...what a looong day. one down, 4 to go!! :]

    BeMistified! yeah, what a face on that dragonfly!! thanks for always taking the time to stop by!! :]

    Erika Jean! i hadn't heard about the NOT vacuuming them up...but that does make sense! fortunately, i've only seen them outside! :]

    Kathy! we had seen that web for a few days...but not til we we stepped out at night did we see that orb weaver on her web! kinda scary at first! she's so big! :]

    Cookie Monster! the only thing i do is reduce my pictures because the pixels are BIG when i transfer them from camera to laptop. and sometimes i may crop them a little if there's too much empty space in the background...but you usually can't crop too much because then the image will blur. :]

    Susan! i guess i just wanted...needed...TWO sundays this week! oh well...will post those other owl pic's in a few days...when i have the time to sit...for a while! :]

    VM Sehy Photo! wow! baby orb weavers!! i wonder if you have pic's on your blog?!! i'll have to go take a look... :]

    well...trying to just catch up...another busy day today...with work...maybe wednesday morn i can take the time to do some blog reading of my own...
    thanks everybody!!!!! stay cool! laura

  10. oh yeah...and to Home In The Hollow...i usually do only type in lower case...not really because it's easier...more like my style...i've always even signed my name in all lower case...hmmm, i wonder if that has some meaning... :)

  11. Diane!! you must have JUST been leaving your comment as i was writing my previous one!! and YEAH, you're right...well, MAYBE!! cause i always wake up early...even earlier on the weekend! so if i had woke up on a sunday and got ready for work...i'd be SO relieved when i realized it really SUNDAY!! aaaaahhhh....but to wake up monday...all relaxed...and then realize it's MONDAY!! yikes!!

    thanks for stopping by & commenting!! :]


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