Monday, October 11, 2010

from forest to shore...

one day comes to an end...
(sunset...saturday night...over the Guana River, north of  St. Augustine,FL)

and blends right into the next...
(sunrise...looking over the Atlantic Ocean...north of  St. Augustine, FL)

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  
~Lao Tzu 

The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.  
~e.e. cummings 

trading the forest for the beach this past weekend. 
stay cool.  til next time.  laura  :]


  1. awesome! as usual. have the shells and sea foam on my desktop now!

  2. So peaceful and it looks so warm, far from which is happening here in CO. Just beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! Believe it or not, I saw that same moon in Oregon Saturday night.

  4. Kept saying WOW wile scrolling down the page..wonderful photos!

  5. Laura - I am totally in awe of such beautiful, beautiful photos.
    Thank you so much.

  6. What a great transition, Laura!! Hope you & Sam enjoyed as much as I..:)JP

  7. Wow your scenery is absolutely awe-inspiring. I love your photos.

  8. Ooh-I'm almost (but not entirely) speechless! All I can say is fabulous sunset...fabulous sunrise...and the tide! You could almost just sit there forever and take all that in-and breathe. Lots of shells too. Did you take some home with you?

  9. I can almost smell the sea, beautiful job!

  10. Those are really beautiful sunset and sunrise shots. That shell is precious, too. I miss the beach. I used to live in California. With any luck, we'll be going to Oregon this summer, so I can get my fix.

  11. THANKS everybody!!
    Thanks for ALL your ooohs and aaahs...that's all i could say as i was snapping the awesome sunset and sunrise we were able to person. truly amazing. inspiring.
    there's nothing quite like a sunrise on the eastern shore...and sunset in the west.

    that last a broken sand dollar.

    thanks again for stopping by!! glad you all enjoyed the pictures! :] ((gotta run...have another massage to get to...))

  12. Le tue foto Laura, emozionano e riscaldano il cuore...

  13. Simply stunning. Such peaceful scenes of immense beauty. You made a good trade Laura :D

  14. Dear Laura,
    fascinating and beautiful pictures and words, i always love your site.Its the peace inside you and the natural human beeings you show us in a perfect way.
    Thank you for this blog.

  15. aaaah. so relaxing I can feel my tension melting away. I am now in much better shape to attend my own farewell party later on this evening. Thank-you!

  16. HEY Patty, Susan, Hexenessel and Kati!! good to see you again!! :]

    i'm glad you had time to stop by and enjoy the relaxing surf!!
    i really feel more at ease in the woods...with all the trees...but it sure was a nice change of scenery!!

    thanks, too, for leaving your notes! :]

  17. Laura!

    The images are eye popping!

    Words are not envisaged.
    Kiss on your soul.

  18. THANKS Angie...and Selena!!
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing in the PEACEFUL coast!!

    i appreciate your kind words!! always... :]

  19. Beautiful, beautiful photos everyone of them! Especially like the first one and the foam on the shells.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  20. Kateri...and thanks to you too...for stopping by here...and leaving your kind words on a few posts!!

    the beach...the ocean...was a nice change...

    i love the outdoors...nature...and will be back to visit your blog and your beautiful pictures!! :]

  21. Love love LOVE these photos. "Where the ocean meets the sky I'll be sailing."

  22. thanks bijindas AND Leah!!

    so glad you took the time to stop by...enjoy the pic's and leave your comments!!

    THANKS!! :] laura


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