Wednesday, September 5, 2012

~ weathered & worn ~

Thematic Photographic - 211  'weathered and worn'

another inspiring theme offered by carmi at written inc.

the first image that came to mind when i read this week's theme...
was, wood.  driftwood.  weathered wood.
(this photo was taken along the bank of the Chattahoochee River 
after visiting Florida Caverns State Park)

the weathered wood we see all along florida's many rivers...

reminded me of the limestone outcroppings which can also be seen
along most of florida's rivers.
this exposed limestone photo taken along the Suwannee River 
is weathered & worn and VERY  (50 - 60 million years)  old!!
(much of florida's bedrock, which is largely limestone, is comprised of the
shells of animals that lived  in the shallow seas that once covered this state.
bones & teeth from ice-age mammoths & mastodons  
can be found (if you're lucky) in our stream beds or washing up on our shores.)

last year while sam & i were hiking,
a Hackberry butterfly hitched a ride on sam's back.
this poor little butterfly has seen better days.
she looks pretty weathered and worn to me!

in florida's Suwannee River State Park, there's a trail that leads to the
Columbus Cemetery.
(established in 1860, this cemetery consists of 23 graves)

a little closer to home...right up the road from us...
are the remains of the old dog shelter.
now, just piles of rubble...all that stands is most of the front wall of the old building.
if you know may be wondering if i've searched for bones there.
yep, i have.   and nope, never found any.

speaking of bones.
here's an old 'weathered & worn' cow skull leaning against a tree in our yard.
(a neighbor who had lots of cows...years ago...gave me this skull)
not only is it weathered & worn...but it's also chewed on by the squirrels.
i guess they need their calcium too!

something else in our yard
is an OLD, weathered and worn exercise bike!

this rusty exercise bike has to be one of the FIRST exercise bikes ever made.
(i looked it up, and it seems to be from the 1940's)

do you think an exercise bike made nowadays would actually last this long?!
i doubt it.

my last weathered and worn
is this little pig...
who used to be very good at cleaning the bottom of your boots & shoes.
sadly, all his bristles are worn away.


hope you enjoyed my take on 'weathered & worn'.
please check out everyone else's

stay cool. be safe.


  1. the piggy was cute. that limestone is almost creepy looking! although i know you like it because it looks like bones! :)

  2. SO lovely!
    what a variety as well.....

  3. I really loved this series, as it took me back in time. You made me think, hard, about what this planet was like long before we were here, and where we need to be looking for telltale signs of the past. This is such a neat exploration of the theme!

  4. Your limestone shot reminded me of some large fossils in our garden collected when I was studying geology and some smaller one from the local beach. The arrow shaped crevice in your limestone looks as is a belemnite has been there

  5. That old gravestone fits this theme perfectly, laura.

    I also have pictures of worn and torn butterflies...maybe I'll put them up for a 2nd go-around.

  6. Great journey through time indeed. Yes, life feels to have been a bit slower that days than now. Please have you all a good Thursday.

  7. Great collection of weathered and worn! If I knew I would have sent you a pic of US!...:)JP

  8. I think the limstone is very neat. Wonderful collections of the weathered and worn. The piggie is cute! Great captures, have a wonderful day.

  9. Awesome set of pictures. Love the bedrock and the old exercycle.

  10. Creepy cool set of pictures. I like your searches...and especially the ruins of our past. Fascinating stuff:)

  11. Your weathered and worn stuff is very cool. From the driftwood (you get the best pics of driftwood)to the 'eerie' old dog shelter! That's spookie! And, I remember when the butterfly hitched a ride on Sam's grateful hitchiker (sp.?)! That's really a great old exercise bike, you're's equipment wouldn't last as long. Hope your week is going well, it's steaming hot here, of course! Don't want to push, but is OCTOBER here yet? See you soon Laura!♥

  12. Loved the colors of the weathered wood, skeletons, exercise bike. I like all the muted tans and browns . . . and the rust and burnt brown of the metal on the bike . . . Great post . . .

  13. Great variety in your choices and all fascinating. It looks to me like the high humidity of your part of the country helps things deteriorate a lot faster than they do here on the high deserts. But at least there is plenty of vegetation to cover and decorate things there while they rust and decay.

  14. No more bristles but still cute as ever. What a magical mystery tour of weathered and worn and lovely creations in their day. Even poor sad butterfly. But that building (where you hoped for bones) what an amazing place that must have been. It strikes me as a part of an old ghost town. Do you have any of those around you? Lastly, and most lovely (cuz now that I'm grown up) I see the magic in cemeteries and from the looks of your photo, it's got to be very cool there! Enjoy the last of the week, because our weekend is coming!

  15. I knew you would find some fantastic shots for this theme!
    That limestone is just amazing; fossils/geology/rocks etc are something I find really interesting... the pig is cute too although I feel sorry for it mouldering away in the leafmould... super post, Laura!

  16. Love that pig. I would have to fill it with soil and plant a small succulent garden in its belly.
    I can also think of a dozen ways to turn that old exercise bike into cool yard art.

    Oops! I'm letting my inner gardener show. Great shots all and perfect for the theme.

  17. Yay! bones ;-)

    I was going though all the pictures, thinking "She'll have bones, she'll have bones," and then bones! Yes, that skull name me happy.

    Poor butterfly, but life happens, right? And then it doesn't.

  18. Wonderful photos. The limestone almost looks like larger fossils. I love the way you found so many things for the theme.

    hate to admit it, but that exercise bike looks like one that would be in my house, never getting any use and just rusting away :D

  19. oh my that little piggy looks so happy :-)
    and that fossil rock looks wonderful

  20. Oh, I loved all of these--from start to smiley pig finish! The most unappealing one to me is the exercise bike, I guess--in more ways than one--LOL! This post was great, Laura! Have a great weekend. :):)

  21. What a marvelous adventure you have in your back yard! Love the little piggy... Can it not become a bird bath, perhaps?

  22. Oh I truly LOVE your weathered and worn you have exquisite taste. I love the rock fossil bed best I think or the rusty bike or the driftwood OH dear I really don't know:) B

  23. These are fabulous..... The little piggy made me smile :)

  24. Those are fantastic shots - and you have put a great deal of thought into finding them! I love the first one, so smooth and weathered, and the little pig made me smile! But they are allso good, and very itneresting.

  25. This is quite a collection. I love the driftwood and the old Exercycle! What a hoot!

  26. Good findings for your weathered and worn collection. I especially love the worn out piggy... looks like our porcupine at the front door except that's worn down on one side :D)


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