Friday, September 7, 2012

friday's fringe 21 - eat your greens!

"Give light and people will find the way."
~Ella Baker

there have been TWENTY previous 'friday's fringes'!  so why did i start this?
because twenty weeks ago i felt i needed to 'commit' to at least one post a week...
i didn't want to fade away.
life was hectic, and this way i could schedule ONE of my pictures to post on friday morning.
no talk. just a picture. well, maybe a quote.
(and here i go...talking.)

so why the name.  friday- self explanatory. end of the week. start of the weekend.
fringe- the edge. the boundary. a decorative border.
something nice to end the week with.
one nature shot. past. present. or morphed.

get fringed!



  1. HAHA! Perfect title "eat your greens". Wonderful greens and captures of the critters. Have a happy weekend, Laura!

  2. I had a bright green katydid to go with Thursday's Monster, but the pic was not sharp enough (I decided).

    Very nice collection of grasshoppers, laura.

  3. i like your collage. you should link up to green day today at

    just sayin... :)

  4. Great surprise! What a fine collage - and so nice to enjoy all that munching!

  5. Ah, now I know. I know the feeling; needing to commit to at least one post. Over the past couple of weeks that I have not posted, I often wondered if it wouldn't just be easier to let it go, but in the end I didn't. Why? who knows. I like blogging. I like sharing. And I worked hard to get to this point. If I drop it now, I would never start again.

    And a very cute little friend you shared with us. Thank you.

  6. I love Friday Fringe no matter the reason but it certainly sounds like a wonderful reason.
    I love me greens TOO:) Nice collage.
    I once ate something my Aunt gave me it was a chocolate so of course I ate it and loved the crispy texture and taste I told her it was delicious then she told me it was chocolate covered grasshopper I to this day do not know if it was true but I do remember throwing up on her shoe. True story I have a million of them.
    Have a nice weekend Laura:) Hug B

  7. Eat your greens! LOLOL! Love it!
    Hope you all are doing just fine and dandy over there and have a fabulous weekend. :)

  8. I think it's a great idea. Love the greens. I have eaten most of it including the grasshoppers....they rather tasty and salty:)

  9. Love Love Love! Great collage!

  10. lovely little collage

  11. Now that you are so in the habit of doing your friday fringe perhaps it is time to add a link and invite others to share in your wonderful idea? Then again, perhaps having to host a meme each week would spoil a good thing--- for you.

    Love your greens and agree with TexWisGirl you should link this post up to Green Day.

  12. Even the grasshoppers look good enough to eat! Well, maybe not. But great photos.

  13. What lovely shades of green. I understand busy. I'm trying to catch up after a week of vacation. Not getting there fast enough *sigh*

  14. Hey Laura. Your all-green collage is great, have always loved your grasshopper taking a chomp on that leaf! Green, green, it's green they say! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!♥

  15. Very creative Laura! Thanks for all the visit to my blog. I hope you enjoyed your greens! I had mine today!

  16. Love the title of your photo - just great. A beautiful collection of nibblers of green Laura. Cheers :D)

  17. I always love your fringe posts -- and though haven't been reading you for 20 weeks, I figured out what you meant by it (I'm not always that perceptive, but having worked a five-day week for all my working years, this was a gimme!)

    I love the beautiful greens in this one and the reminders of Florida hoppers!

  18. Lovely collage of green - I really like the shot of the grasshopper peeking over the top of the leaf.

  19. Love the one in the bottom right corner--peeking for the leaf he is nibbling on!


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