Tuesday, September 25, 2012

celebrating milo...


passed away yesterday, at home, at 11:15 am.

she LOVED 

to climb trees,
climb up to the roof and oversee everything,
eat potatoes (fried, baked, mashed...) and pizza crust,
curl up every evening in sam's lap (i had to sometimes bribe her for a piece of sam's lap myself),
go camping,
wander in the woods,
sit on the bathroom counter-top & stare out the window,
chase lizards, squirrels, burrowing moles...pretty much anything that moved!

she will still be doing all these things!
now, she's free...to go where ever & when ever she pleases!

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”
~Charles Dickens

milo was like a dog.
she would come when you called her name.
she would follow us around the trails.
she was our furry baby.
an 80 something year old baby...in cat years!

milo had a long & happy life!!
she will be missed.

we wrapped her up in towels,
with two turkey feathers she used to like to play with...
and her favorite little catnip toy.

we buried her out back...just before sunset.

milo's sunset

i made a marker, using my woodburning tool.

we lit a candle.

this one's for you milo.

RIP milo.

thanks for stopping by...
thanks for all your kind words & thoughts.

laura  (and sam too!)

Prowling his own quiet backyard or asleep by the fire, 
he is still only a whisker away from the wilds.  
~Jean Burden


  1. My condolences, Laura.

    This is a beautiful tribute to your kitty.

  2. I'm very sorry for your loss... May she rest in peace.

  3. I love her marker!. I am so sorry for your loss.,., I am sure Milo will be keeping watch on you and your hubby forever.. ((HUGS))

  4. Lovely post for Milo who is chasing squirrels as we speak......xx

  5. Beautiful beautiful tribute...snivelling here...sorry. Rest in Peace Milo. I hope there are mice in kitty cat heaven.

  6. made me cry all over again. a sweet loving soul wrapped in fur.

  7. Oh I am so sorry Laura but I know Milo is in a happy place. That is a beautiful marker and a glorious sunset. HUGS B

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. I am tears now. Our fur babies are such an intricate part of our family. My girl just turned 20 in July, and the two of us have grown old together.

    Rest in peace, Milo. And for you, there is a wonderful website called Petloss.com. They have a Monday candle ceremony which is celebrated around the world. It is very healing.

  9. Oh this is just so sad, I just can't believe Milo is gone, I had no idea this was even something possible. Every time you've posted Milo you could just see all the life and happiness in your dear kitty. May these tears that are falling from me cast a farewell gift to your kitty that we loved to see you share with us. So sorry from the bottom of my heart.

  10. I can't and don't want to comprehend the loss of a loved pet. Keep those memories safe.

  11. Laura, this is a beautiful tribute to a much-loved member of your family. Milo had a huge personality -- and he had a wonderful life. Sending good wishes and virtual hugs to both of you.

  12. Beautiful words and pictures for a much loved Milo. They give us so much. It is so hard to let go, but she is not really gone, but there just out of sight. I am reminded of this : "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
    and another by him
    "And when your sorrow is comforted (time soothes all sorrows) you will be content that you have known me. You will always by my friend. You will want to laugh with me. And you will sometimes open your window, so, for that pleasure...And your friends will be properly astonished to see you laughing as you look up at the sky! Then you will say to them, 'Yes, the stars always make me laugh!'"
    so when you are missing Milo, look up at the stars and she will be laughing with you

  13. Cats can become as much a part of the family as any person. They have such individual personality and most are great companions. My sympathies.

  14. Oh, Milo! I will miss you, too, and I only recently met you, wonderful exploring camping cat. I know she was loved and will be missed. She was unique!! My heart breaks for you, my friend.

  15. Oh I am so sorry for the loss of Milo, you did a lovely post for him. It brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. Sending you hugs :)

  16. Bye Milo! You will be missed. I love your dedication and gravestone. I'm glad that there isn't any more suffering. That's the hardest to watch as the health declines. Hang in there. Losing a pet one of the hardest things to have happen in our families. RIP Milo. You are in my thoughts.

  17. oh Laura, having recently lost our 19 year old cat, I can empathise
    milo will live in your hearts forever
    and what a lovely grave marker you made

  18. You always wrote so lovingly about her... I will miss the Milo pictures. Such a character. I love my dogs, but to be owned by a cat is so very special.


  19. Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. Milo will be missed, we all loved to see her on your post. I love this tribute and the cute gravestone. {hugs}

  20. May Loving Memories Heal Your Heart.

    Milo was in many people's thoughts so often. Milo was not just a member of your family but also of your family of readers who will miss Milo also.

    Peace be with you,

  21. Our condolences to you, Laura.

    Rick and Noreen Largaespada

  22. awww I am so sorry. Kitties have a way of taking your heart and dragging it through the yard- up into the trees, under the sofa and batting it around a bit before they take it utterly! Sorry Milo , beautiful kitty.

  23. OH thank you so much everybody...for ALL your feelings...thoughts...your own stories...and your words of comfort & strength. we are here, dealing with our loss...and although we still feel her all around us...it's tough to not have milo here in the flesh.

    thanks! xo

  24. So sorry I wasn't around to send my condolence to you when Milo died . . . A pet companion who dies brings absence and loss to our heart . . . I am thinking of each of you and send my caring.

  25. Oh, I am so very sorry about Milo!

  26. What a sweet testimony! I love the photo of Milo in the tree. My cats Pisi and Squeak, and I, send our sympathy, and hope that maybe you can find a new cat friend, when you're ready

  27. Lovely tribute to Milo. I send my condolences on loosing your beloved pet. We lost one of our cats earlier this summer. I do understand how Milo will be missed.


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