Monday, September 3, 2012

pecking order & webs

have you noticed the pecking order in nature.
this example has to do with a few birds.

looking out the back door
i see buzzards
on the ground.

i see a hawk (the Red-shouldered kind).

he swoops down and chases the buzzards away.
(i wasn't fast enough to get a picture of THAT, you'll have to take my word for it)

enter the crows.

who proceed to 
chase away the hawk.

they take over the yard.

one crow calls from the treetop...that the coast is clear!

for the time being...the crows rule the yard.
until they get tired of it and move along.
then the whole routine repeats itself!

maybe one day i'll see them ALL together!
getting along. sharing. 
(nah. i doubt it.)


it's that time of year
when the Banana spider (Golden Orb)
weaves her web between the trees.

nothing like wandering through the yard or woods,
and getting slapped in the face by a sticky web.

then frantically brushing at yourself,
hoping the spider didn't land on your back or in your hair.

another good reason to carry a big stick...

waving it in front of yourself as you head down your path.

i'll leave you with a moon shot!

that moon shot is courtesy of Bart Simpson.

this one's from me.
1 sept 2012       9:17pm

"Let your heart guide you.  It whispers, so listen carefully."  
~Littlefoot's mother, Land Before Time

stay cool. be safe.


  1. that spider is just beautiful! we get a type that build each night in the trees (or right outside the front door!) eek! i hate walking into them, too, and doing the heebie-jeebie dance.

    your red-shoulder is really beautifully 'foliaged'. nice and bright orange. i've seen lots of juvies that are pretty pale around here.

  2. I love the hawk. I am biased!

    I heard a big crow-fest yesterday evening at my sister's. They sure had a lot to say...

  3. Cool series of shots on the vultures, hawk and crows. I can picture it all happening too. I had that feeling of walking thru a cobweb yesterday. Very icky feeling. I love the spider though, very cool. Another wonderful post, Laura!

  4. I was cooing and cooing at the spider shots, and then I yelped when Bart mooned mt. My Piano Man roared at my expression ;-)

    I LOVE the spiders! And the peckers... um, the birds ;-)

  5. you know which bit I'm laughing at!

  6. Hi Laura...Thanks for Bart's moon shot ..I needed a great laugh!!
    Ya I hate walking into a spider web especially in the face where is the spider!! Those web shots are just awesome!!
    I have one of those back yard squawkers the Crow screaming right now!
    I would think those big Buzzard's would keep out those Crows...but so goes the pecking order!
    Great shots of the birds!

  7. As awful as a surprise encounter a huge web like must be you gotta admit it's an amazing feat of engineering. If I discovered such a thing without wrapping it around my face first I would want to examine it from all angles and appreciate it's construction. I really like the lighting in your photos and the up-close of the master builder and her lunch.

    As for the pecking order drama in the yard, you're probably right, they'll never learn to share and play nice together but I'll bet they have fun seeing who's king of the hill for the moment.

    Love the Bradbury quote.

  8. Where's my stick!! I need a big stick!! In your hair or on your back. Where's my stick!! ;)

    Those crows!! Smart and ballsy enough to figure out how to rule the yard from buzzards and hawks. (I do love me some crows!!)

    The Burt mooning made me giggle. But your real moon shot is beautiful.

    Have a stupendous week, my friend!! :):)

  9. Gorgeous spider web shot and the moon . . .

    We have to be careful with the hawks . . . they like to swoop down as if to capture our small dog. The last few weeks there have been many buzzards, hawks, crackles and crows . . . Is it because they know the season of plenty of eats is coming to an end . . .

  10. Not a fan of crows!. I hate when they chase away the smaller birds at my bird feeder!.

  11. Love your moon shots, lol! We did get some good ones the night after the full moon, will show them sometime...maybe at Halloween with enhancements! A few of them have leaves from the tree as it came up.

    Your pecking order is really interesting, and, you have a point. You obviously pay attention to what's going on out there, food for thought Laura! I do pay more attention to bird habits than I use're rubbing off on me. For the past 2 years, my mom has had a hawk visit her birdbath and she has gotten a few good pics of it. He has never caused any trouble in her yard, and doesn't stick around too long.

    Yes, you need a stick to wander thru the trees where webs reside, lol! I hate it after dark when you walk out back, and you can't see them...then, BLAP! right in the face! Blah! A yucky feeling. See you soon, great photos!♥

  12. Oh my goodness, yesterday I got a very cool lesson at the DNR building at the State Fair, with a man and his falcons. Oh did they ever put on an entrance to the show. There were three of them, his little hunters, they all worn little leather hoods to keep them calm, (he said this form of hood was first invented ages ago) but he explained how our wonderful animals and wildlife keep our world balanced! Yes checks and balances, and his falcons (as well as other falcons) go around and eat the slower, sicker and diseased birds. You cold have your own little nature show out there, with just your everyday critters happening by! Amazing photos Laura, you sure know how to capture them at their best too!

  13. I love seeing spiders. They are so creepy, yet intriguing at the same time.

  14. Fabulous photos. Birds are just amazing. I love these photos of big birds, but even the small ones can boggle the mind. Just this morning my partner and I spent a half hour experiencing a huge pack of starlings gathering in the trees for a conference, then swooping from garden to garden for a meal. It was exciting just to be in the midst of them! Have a great week!

  15. Ha ha funny girl! I like your moon shot better. Funny also to picture you dancing around in the spider web (not that I've ever done that ;>))...but you sure got some great pictures of it . And the birds. I totally believe that crows could rule the world if they only had thumbs.

  16. Hi
    Amazing photos. I like nature it is beautiful in any kind.
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  17. Your spider shots are powerful. The design of that web is a treat....but even better is you sharing all your cool birds. Turkey and Black vulture together??? That is a treat:) Love the little hawk:)

  18. What amazing shots of those spider webs. Well done. I have never been lucky with those kinds of shots. The detail and glow of the threads is wonderful.

  19. what beautiful spiders! how on earth you get all these marvelous shots... you are gifted <3

  20. Oh my gosh these shots are incredible did I ever tell you how in awe of your photography skills I am? I love the hawks, vultures spiders and even the load blackbird. Awesome Laura.B

  21. Oh, my, those are pretty impressive spider webs! had to laugh at your note to carry a big stick and wave it in front of you as you walk...


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