Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a word about milo...


is not doing too well.

you know milo...
the camping cat.

milo the yard manager.

she's been on this blog many times.

she's even covered for me on a post or two.

milo is 16...or maybe even 17.
what's that in cat years?
over 80!!?

she's had a long & happy life.
climbing trees.
climbing up the side of the house to sit on the roof.
chasing squirrels, lizards, birds, moles, snakes...
and lazing around.

she has cancer.
she hasn't eaten in days.  barely drinking.
she's getting weaker...but hanging in there.
not ready to let go.
she's not in pain...or complaining.

all she asks is that when we're home,
we don't do anything else except hold her.

and so we oblige.
taking turns
carrying her around like the little baby she is to us.

look at that little sad face.
she's a bit dazed & confused.

she doesn't like it when you sit.
she wants to be walked around...or rocked.

so i'll be getting pretty far behind in my blog reading...
just wanted you to know...i'm not ignoring you.

milo needs our time...and love...right now.


take care.
stay cool.  be safe.

(i do have a friday's fringe already scheduled for friday)


  1. So sorry to hear this, Laura.

    Love for Milo!

  2. Same thing happened to my 14 yr. old Cairn, years ago!... I think they know, I know exactly how you are feeling... ((HUGS))... Your Milo is a sweetie- gorgeous cat!. btw, your photos here are stupendous.

  3. Oh poor baby. And poor you. I'm so sorry.

  4. Oh, poor Milo. Wishing you all comfort and peace.

  5. Poor little baby. My heart goes out to all of you.

  6. BIG HUGS, Laura! Poor Milo! My heart goes out to all of you too.

  7. Babe...oh, Babe how my heart goes out to you. Vern was seventeen...that little brat made it to seventeen! You and Sam cradle and carry Milo as long as he needs your shoulders...:)JP

  8. i am sorry, sweetheart. i hate that it has advanced so quickly, but perhaps that's best for milo. sweet girl...

  9. Hug her and keep on reminding her that she is loved and that she has had a long life of it. I will light a candle for her, and put a toy mouse on my altar. I hope you and Sam are giving each other hugs, too.

  10. Hello Dear Laura, I have come to know how much Milo means to you both and this sad stage of having a pet is so hard. Hugs xx

  11. Hey Dear One, just keep holding her-she knows you're both there for her. It is hard when you've taken care of her, and she's taken care of you for so long. Hugs to you, Milo and Sam.♥ We'll see you when we see you.

  12. Tears in my eyes, so sad . . . such good parents you are . . .

  13. Oh...I'm heart broken. I feel so sad but happy that you're there with Milo on the final stretch. I get so sensitive about these things because I've lost 3 dear cats over the years. We have 5 now and I love each of them dearly like you love Milo. I've gotten close to her stories and near misses with snakes. Hang in there. She is loved.

  14. Keep all the good memories and take care of little MILO.
    Beautiful images.

  15. Oh, Laura! I'm so sorry to hear that. Sixteen --- or seventeen --- is a good innings, a good long time to share.

  16. This is such a sad time... love to Milo, and to you and Sam - words can't handle these burdens x

  17. Hi Laura...What great memories you have,and will always have of your close and faithful, playful friend !! I wish it was just old age. Looks like you are giving him some good TLC!!
    Hugs To all

  18. BE with your baby - that's all that really matters right now. You & Sam take thoughts & prayers are with you all.

  19. Oh no, Laura, I'm so, so sorry. There's what you know (the circle of life and all that) and then, what you feel! It just goes beyond words.It's bad to have to let go of an animal friend, especially one as great as Milo.

  20. we lost our 19 year old cat Minnie this year
    my heart is hurting with yours
    holding you and her in the light

  21. Oh, so sorry. When I read the title, I got worried. Poor little Milo. I know you are a comfort to her. I remember holding our Stormy and our little Pushkin during their last hours. This is such a hard time to go through for us and our little babies. But we have to remember that this is movement from one stage to another, hard as it is. Sending hugs to all three of you. Peace

  22. Oh I am so sorry about Milo. Hug

    Love those photos. Take care. B

  23. Oh, this just made me cry, Laura!
    I'm catching up on blogs and as you can see I am still four days behind.
    Love and hugs to you guys and dear Milo! :):)

  24. Poor sweet Milo. I'm so sorry Laura. Hugging and loving her is the best medicine for her right now, I'm sure.


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