Tuesday, September 11, 2012

o'leno's flora & fauna

nope. this picture isn't upside down.
no, you don't have to stand on your head to see it.

it's a reflection,  along the shore of the Santa Fe River,
a tributary of the Suwannee River, in O'Leno State Park...
(we love this park. not far from home, we go there a lot...for quick getaways.)

so we loaded up 'milo' (our she-cat) and got outa town over the weekend.

of course, i took an endless number of pictures...but i waded through them
and tried to pick some good ones!

enjoy your stay!

Five-lined Skink

the suspension bridge...over the Santa Fe

yep...a 'GATOR!

...waiting in line...for the rest room??!

fungi scales on a downed & rotting tree

a pile of caterpillars on the ground,,,probably got blown out of the tree the night before.
we had a ferocious thunderstorm pass through during the night.

a damselfly resting on a cypress knee in the river

weeeeeeeeeeeee.  ready for take-off...

stay cool.  be safe.

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. 
Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. 
Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.
~Martin Luther King Jr.


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  2. FANTASTIC photos! Perfect MLK quote!

  3. They are all beautiful photos but I think I like the second to last the very best of all.

  4. What a wonderful collection of critters!

    I like Mr. Toad peeping out from between the fronds the best.


  5. Hi Laura, you took loads of pictures while you were away, and the best I reckon. The Deer was by my fave.

  6. I have them, and others in my thoughts today. Not that I don't think about them on other days, but yes today is one of those days they seem to more alive in my thoughts of them. Remembering them, and others today and tomorrow, keeping their love alive. I just knew you captured a reflection! You out did yourself again with these wonderful photos. I went to the zoo on Sunday, and thought I saw some cool stuff, until, I caught these photos! Awesome....!

  7. ooh, delightful. Those deer have such short ears vs. what I'm accustomed to (there's a reason ours are called mule deer)--it's amazing how much that changes their look.

    Yes, five lined skink AMONG GORGEOUS FUNGUS and perfect GREEN leaves. Fantastic setting! =)


  8. sweet deer all around. the toad is adorable and i always love the 'weeee' turtles. :) the gator is IMPRESSIVE! my favorite photo is the 3rd one - that fungi is pure art.

  9. Those deer are sure brave! That first orange fungus is strikingly beautiful! Love me some peeking toad and damselfly. Looks like it was a glorious weekend!! :):)

  10. You truly have the keenest eye for photography and the best darn luck of anyone I know. I love these shots.
    Love the quote at the bottom too. B

  11. great photos ...love your visits to nature ........x

  12. What a great place to visit. You got some great shots - plenty of wildlife living there. I love some of the fungi. :))

  13. Laura, I enjoyed your nature photos. The critters and fungi are all cool. is the fungi called turkey feathers? I especially like that neat looking skink. And the deer are cuties, always a treat to see them. Great post and wonderful photos. The MLK quote is perfect. Hope the rest of your week is a great one.

    1. hmmmm...the fungi called turkey feathers...i don't know! you know, i really should TRY to ID all the fungi & mushrooms we have here...there's such a mix!! they DO look like turkey feathers, huh?!!

  14. What a great reflection photo...and, all that deer! I've never seen so many in one spot. The turtles and that little frog peeking out over those leaves (I think they're leaves). A very productive trip-I just can't get over the deer! This was a wonderful post, even the fungi! But, not too fond of all that caterpillar. Hope your week is going well Laura, see you soon!

    P.S. Don't forget your 'dusty' windowsill picture, lol!♥

  15. I can not pick a favorite photo. These are all amazing.

  16. I did enjoy my stay very much --and as soon as I send this comment, I'm going to add this park to my "to be visited in Florida" list. Wow. Love all the photos; the deer standing in line are funny (obviously they are doe if they have to wait for the bathroom!)...... and the skink? I would never have been able to identify that. Lovely slithery creature. And I love those woody growth things whose name I've forgotten...the whole post was wonderful.

    1. we have so many skinks around here...i learned what they were a long time ago... =)

  17. PS: I hope you weren't tent camping during that thunderstorm?

    1. nope. we have a slide-in camper...used to do the tent camping...but now we go in style. ha. and comfort! =)

  18. ooh those caterpillars gave me the heebie jeebies
    lovely shots as always Laura

    @ cre8space.blogspot.com.au

  19. Certainly easy to see why you love this place. Wonderful group of captures. I especially like all the fungus and lichen shots. No way I would ever cross that bridge. The reflection is wonderful.

  20. a BIG thanks to all you, who stopped by and took the time to leave a note...

    luckily it hasn't been very windy, and i was able to gather them up...no problem!

    happy hump day! =)

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