Wednesday, May 5, 2010

working on a few new things

i have a couple of things going on at the same time...i bought these glass pendants...2" round and also rectangular shaped. i tried putting butterfly wings on them...hmmm, i think i posted pic's earlier...WELL, when i sealed them on there, the colors in the wings VANISHED!!  which is really kinda weird...because i use butterfly wings on my bottle art...and window hangers too!  anyway, i put snake skin (from 'monty' my ball python's shedding) on a couple of the glass pendants...but i'm not sure yet what i will add to they sit on my work table until that light bulb goes off in my head!!

i'm also working on a new BONE GARDEN from Planet Beenderen...on small 4' X 4" wood plaque. i painted it...with the idea of doing a meteor shower...then add bone flowers, etc...but i didn't like the way it looked. so i repainted it >> cut up a sponge...made a tiny square piece and sponged the dk blue paint over the already painted you can see glints of color underneath!!  i'll add some deer molars...and other teeth...also the little pads between the deer make flowers and a moon...i'll post a picture when i'm finished.  here's the wood so far...painted...

here's my work table with the painted wood plaque and some teeth...

well...have to go get ready for my afternoon app't...only ONE massage today. sometimes that's not a bad thing, although i wish i was a little gives me time to work on my art. >>OH, this morning a friend of mine, Irma, came over and we trekked through the field across the street looking for...finding...and digging up some native florida plants! she also took some samples/leaves of plants so she can ID them...i'll have to post some pic's of my gardens here at home...maybe next time...have a happy day!! (please let me know what u think if u stop by and read this!!)  :)

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  1. Hey. I love your snake skin pendants, They look really cool. And your bone plaques looks very creative I must say.

    Keep up the good work. I'd love to see more pictures in the future.
    The more recent pictures of the fox and the hawk is amazing. How incredible luck you are to see such wonders:)


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