Friday, May 7, 2010

bone, teeth & butterfly wings

a few posts ago i mentioned that i was working on another Bone Garden wood plaque. i'm almost finished!! tomorrow i'll spray coat with acrylic. as i mentioned before, all the Bone Garden pieces are 'from the Planet Beenderen' (Beenderen = plural for Bone in Dutch).  this one i may call 'Molar Mountain' or something silly like that...thanks to my son Travis for coming up with that one!! we're brainstorming...weird...catchy...silly names. sam came up with 'Orthodontic Plains'. Molar Mountain on Planet Beenderen has a colorful background with deer teeth and the little pad between the vertebrae make up the sun...wire flowers coming out of deer molars and wire moons...complete this 'scene from Planet Beenderen'

...and here are a couple of  pendants "butterfly wings under glass" and "bits & pieces of magical butterfly wings" in a vial necklace!!

Have a happy day! :) laura

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  1. I rather like the title "Orthodontic Plains". Laughed as read it. Saying it, found my self stop and look. Thoroughly interesting artform.
    Good wishes Laura K, Sam, and to your Life Way. M, Australia


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