Wednesday, May 26, 2010


this past sunday...while unloading the boat off the boat trailer...i had to climb up on the trailer to push the boat farther off. well...i jumped off...sunk into the seemed a much farther drop down, then when i climbed up there. lost my balance, fell backwards into the water. then i notgice all these little leeches in the water...and what can be worse than leeches swimming nearby?...i realized my camera was strapped to my waist! ((damnit!!))  AND  i pulled my calf muscles in left leg and my knee is making these weird creaking sounds!  ANYWAY, it's not as bad today as it was sunday night!  the camera is another more...passed over to the other side...  :(

as much as i hate to use my credit card...i NEED a camera!! today i got a canon power shot! MUCH better camera than the one i had.  so, breaking it in...i ran around the yard snapping pic's of skulls (Bone-afide...real cow skulls!) in the flower gardens, and the table outside with some of my newly collected  bones...awaiting cleaning.

and take a look at this dragonfly i zoomed in on...from about 15 feet away...COOL!!

anyway...having fun with the new camera...and also working on another decorated (found) vintage bottle...with butterfly wing and pressed flowers. will post it when finished! :)

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