Sunday, May 23, 2010

some of my 'older' art

i went through some of my art...some old pic's of my art...that i 'created' and sold in a small shop in High Springs, FL...about 2 yrs ago.  i thought i'd post them here. they reminded me how much i like to do the artwork/design and stencil cutting...for the sandblasted glass and mirrors!  at that time i was also trying to do a little wood burning. i think the mix of paint & wood burning looks pretty cool. maybe i'll try that again too...

wood burn outline & paint ^^

this was a practice sandblasting! on clear pane of glass

                                                    sandblasted flower on wood plaque      

                                   wood burned outline and filled with acrylic paint on wood plaque

   ^^ a couple of experiments with pressed flowers and wood burning... ^^

sandblasted on purple was actually a candle stand from the dollar store...


   these mirrors and glass pieces pictured above were my first sandblast pieces...i was experimenting. well...both my husband Sam and i were teaching ourselves.  i did the artwork & stencil cutting, he did the actual blasting.  THEN i tried my hand at wood burning...some of the same or similar designs i did for the sandblasted pieces. i started to incorporate the pressed flowers...and VOILA!! then came the recycled-upcycled-thrift shop bought champagne glass tea-light holders. after i saw how BEAUTY-FUL the flowers look on glass, i started to decorate bottles.  THEN i got the bright idea to use the pressed flowers to decorate BONES!!  what a nice Homage to Mother Nature!!  
anyway...that's all i have time for right now...we're getting ready to go fishing...  :)  Happy Day!!


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