Friday, May 21, 2010

something a little different

Planet Beenderen Series. What does BEENDEREN mean?? >>it's Dutch for Bone!>> why a Planet?? hmmm...why not? a planet where everything is made of bones...the flowers...sun...moons. These are done on small 4"X4" wood plaques...painted...decorated...sealed with glaze finish.
ok...i was in the mood to do another wooden plaque...another "Scene from Planet Beenderen". BUT i wanted to do something a little different...add a butterfly?? would there be butterflies on Planet Beenderen?? ((well, since i discovered this planet...i'd be the only one to know this, right? so, if i say there are butterflies there...who could argue??!!)) WELL, they're there...i saw them!!  the one big that the butterflies from Beenderen...have BONE bodies! HERE's a PIC of my WORK SPACE after just starting this new CREATION...

I painted the plaque...repainted...and repainted again...until i finally liked it!  that 'spongey mottled' look...brown beveled border. i added jute...unevenly bordered. the butterfly's body is a painted tooth. the flowers are teeth. and then there's the deer vertebrae disc/pad floating up in the sky!!

so now...i just need to let all the glue set...then i'm HOPING when it comes time to spray the entire SCENE with acrylic glaze...that the butterfly will still look just as beauty-ful!  
then i'll add it to my etsy shop!!
~~Have a happy day~~


  1. very cool love the butterfly body!

  2. THANKS Terica!! and thanks for stopping by!! :) peace back!! :)


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