Monday, May 31, 2010

snakes and birds

yesterday was a pretty wild day! it ended with my son Travis finding a young red rat snake on the front porch. it was very docile and let him hold it for a few minutes.

but let me go back to the beginning. the day began with me going the back yard, where i saw a yellow rat snake climbing up an old, half-dead oak tree. i've seen lots of snakes...but have never watched one climb straight up a tree before. 

this tree has lots of woodpecker holes...and this snake seemed to be on a mission! he climbed up one side of the tree...then crossed to the other side on a small get to where all the holes are.

he came up behind one of the holes from that back side...and went in...

two flying squirrels came tumbling out and ran up different trees! 
we had also seen a couple of adult woodpeckers during the past week flying in and out of one of those holes up there. it looked like they were feeding their young...flying to the edge of the hole and bobbing their heads in and out...then flying away again.  shortly after the snake went in the hole, 2 (red-bellied) woodpeckers started flying frantically around the top of the even got brave enough to peer right into the hole!

i waited...and waited...kept checking to see if i could spot the snake leaving...FAT from his mid day meal. but i never saw him sneak away. 
BUT i did get a couple of good shots of a red shouldered hawk...

eventually the woodpeckers stopped flying around their nest. i hope they didn't get eaten along with their babies! maybe they moved on to another tree. 
it seemed as though all the birds and squirrels were talking to each other while that snake was up the tree...sending out a warning...'s nice to not have to leave home to be a part of nature.
today's Memorial Day. no work.  i feel like wandering...looking for bones...or native the field across the way. sounds like a plan.  = )


  1. Fabulous pictures and story.Sounds like a fun day. Sounds like a good plan you have ,I may try it too. Go have a blast today and find new adventures.
    when the hawk comes to my yard i can hear the birds and squirrels giving warning too.

  2. kinds tough isn't it? to watch nature and love it, but the baby birds are still lunch, sigh!

  3. joanne! thanks for stopping by!! was tough to see that happen...but that's how it nature. i was just surprised to be RIGHT THERE and get those pic's!! no matter how sad..

  4. i hate snakes..i prefer birds than snakes to be my pet.
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