Friday, December 21, 2012

got the blues...& my wish

Courtesies of a small and trivial character 
are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart.  
~Henry Clay

i haven't been able to get myself into 
the magic of the season.
i didn't feel like putting up the tree,
or dragging the box of decorations out of the closet.
(but i did.  but i left a lot untouched.)

the cooler weather, the twinkling lights,
the trees shedding their leaves...
just aren't doing it for me this year.

it's not unusual for me to get the blues at this time.
i start to think too much...
on my losses, my life...the things i 
should have, would have...done differently, if only i could.

this year in particular...
when i see people shopping...pushing & shoving...
spend. spend. spend.
i want to just stay home. hide. close my eyes & wake up on jan 1, 2013.

i can't help but think of all the families in Newtown, CT
who will not have the smiles & excitement of their children this year.
presents already bought.  sitting in a closet.
presents that would have been put under the tree sometime before dawn on christmas morning.
santa.  leaving gifts.  magic.
it's unfathomable.

and not only those who are suffering in Newtown,
but also Aurora, CO...and those who have so recently lost so much in NJ and NY.
nature's wild side and the insanity of some people.

all over this world.
the suffering.   hunger.   cruelty.
happening every day

is to
send out
warm thoughts 
for love,  peace,  goodwill,
compassion,  healing and hope  to all those 
who need or want.


a big hug.

stay cool.  be safe.

19th of Dec. 2012.


  1. It IS hard to focus on joy and happiness this year isn't it?

  2. Thank you for the warm thoughts. I also struggle through this season.
    We didn't put up a tree this year .... just haven't been in the mood.

  3. I so agree w/you.. I'm in the same boat as you... 2013 has got to be a lot better than 2012!.

  4. Laura, your wonderful word picture (in the literal shape of a Christmas Tree!) is the perfect gift because it is expresses so beautifully much of what I'm feeling and do not have words for. Thank you. Hugs back.. oooooo

  5. oh Laura, hugs back to you m'dear xxx

  6. Beautiful Laura . . . and my wish back to you . . .
    Peace, Goodwill, Compassion and Love . . . a bit of joy too . . .

  7. Laura,
    Unfortunately every year there are awful things! I agree and hope 2013 will be a better year!

    a big hug,

  8. Oh I sure do know exactly what you're feeling. Ever since last Friday, with Newtown's nightmare, I too have found myself feeling for them all. I too have my own loss of loved ones this time of year that always slow me down, I know none of them would like that, and for those family alive and well, we do trudge on. It's good for us too. Your tree is most lovely, appears much like mine- I decorated less- allowing the important trinkets to stand out. I so like your blue topper! It's a star for me- it will guide us all, through thick and thin pain and happiness. I also, want to say thank you so much for being such a cool blogger, that dazzles us with touches of nature and all the important diamonds in life- yes, even your bones and your spidey photos! Did I really say that? Yes! Your quotes always rock, today's opening by Henry Clay, I jotted down to read again, and again. But best of all is all the wonderful comments you leave on my own blog, you always make me laugh, and a few times cry, but we all need the tears and rain or sunny days just wouldn't be so darn awesome. Hug that new little purr-fect life- meowing all the way through the holidays- and your hubby too, and all your loved ones, even those that can't be right there with you- your fellow friend and blogger, Karen S.

  9. sweet one, i want to give you a hug today - and every day. and we can cry a little together.

  10. Fortunately the dooms day people were wrong so we still have more time to work on the problems--or kick them down the road like the fools in our govt. Yeah, guess I'm a little bit discouraged too.

  11. Your tree is beautiful Laura, as are your thoughts. It's all true...what you said. And, for you the blues will pass-you're just taking a few extra moments to reflect. You are right about the shopping, pushing and shoving...sheesh!

    I've spent more time this Christmas thinking of others than before, but, it seems that each year there are more in need than before. And, I'm glad that I've been able to help some of those people. You're okay Laura! I wish we had the answers...I spend too much time trying to find them, but, then, something else happens, and we're back to square one-why?

    So, I say to you my friend...your wish won't go unnoticed! Thank you for a great, warm post! Oh, and I love your Mr. Bones, Jr. on your sidebar! Merry Christmas Laura!

  12. YOU ARE AWESOME! With thankful tears in my eyes, I'm taking the hug!...:)JP

  13. This is such an awesome post, and during a holiday season where I just can't seem to get in the spirit either, it was just what I needed.

  14. You've expressed what so many are feeling, Laura - and it's not just your fellow Americans. Horrors like these leave us all diminished and feeling helpless. A southern hemisphere hug to you, my blogfriend xo

  15. Laura, I have been feeling much the same here. I did not even put my tree up this year, just not in the "mood". I do feel sorry for all of those who have lost so much. Such a sweet post, you are a loving and caring person. {HUGS} Eileen

  16. I feel kind of the same, although I call it the "blahs" more than the blues. (and we didn't put up a tree this year either.) Here's hoping for a fresh start on New Year's Day.

  17. I was bitten by the blues bug a few years ago. Then a friend of Jacob and I send us a picture of her baby girl wrapped in Christmas lights. I teared up a bit. Then I decided to add the picture to our tree. Every time I feel down because of the uglies of the world, I look at that little girl and remember that although life can get nasty (and some people even nastier) there is much to be loved and to smile for. I bet Emo would make you smile. If not, crawl into your Sam's beard and let yourself be sad for a while. Cry a little if you can manage, sometimes we need that.

    May your Winter Solstice be warm, bright and full of hope ;-)

  18. Great blog ;)
    Welcome to my blog ;)

  19. A big hug to YOU all the way from Norway!
    Greetings from Gunn

  20. Please have you and yours a blessed Christmas.

  21. thank you for your lovely thoughts of peace

    i send them to you as well
    and to our world~

  22. HI Laura...Christmas is not always the best time of year for a lot of us!!
    Sickness ,memories,troubling family issues etc...for me my Mom died on New Years Eve doesn't help at this time of certainly is a odd year with the hurricane,the school shooting..I find it hard to be overjoyed when there are those hurting....well lets suck it up (ya sure) enjoy Christmas and push forward to a New Year...
    Grace ♥

  23. I tend to agree with Grace, bad things happen at this time. Let's put on a beautiful face, and move on up.

  24. I feel just like you. The Christmas get a sad feeling.
    But one must try to give to those who need it.
    Wishing you a great Christmas and looking forward to your pictures and post in 2013.
    Hug from Hilda

  25. To bardzo przykre i smutne, że nie wszyscy mogą się cieszyć świętami. Możemy pomóc trochę, ale z pewnością za mało. Życzę mimo wszystko radosnych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia.
    It's very upsetting and sad that not everyone can enjoy the holidays. We can help a little, but certainly not enough. After all, I wish a Merry Christmas.

  26. I feel just the same Laura.......I'll pass on the hug and love that's all we can do .......xx

  27. Oh Laura I am sending you big big HUGS and lots of them. Love the way you wrote this. B

  28. Dear Laura - you express so beautifully what a lot of us are feeling. Although there are no easy answers to the horrors of this world, they have always been there - lurking in the shadows of life. We feel so helpless, but what we CAN do is to love more, try to understand, DO MORE for others, beginning with those near & dear to us, and then reach out to those in need. We each can do something - even if it is one small thing - to improve this world and those in it. We must never lose HOPE, for that is what will carry us through.

    Celebrating "Christmas" is a very individual thing and cannot be the same for everyone. I do believe we each need for find our own way to celebrate, and that depends on what the day means to US. Perhaps we all need to take a closer look at what really matters in our lives, and concentrate on that, ignoring what is marketed as the way it is "supposed to be..."You know where your heart lies, Laura, so follow it to Christmas.

    Hugs around to you & yours, Laura!


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