Saturday, September 1, 2012

blue moon. RattlerHeronDragonButterHopperHawk.

once in a blue just might see a blue moon.
i thought i should probably save this for a 'friday's fringe' morph picture...
but i didn't want to wait that long.

here's the original. taken last night, 8.31.12  at  8:55pm

(i DID give a wink to Neil A.)

plumbago blooming in yard!!

last weekend was kind of crazy. and a little heart-thumping.

sam looked out the back door and saw milo in a stand-off with a snake.

we have lots of snakes around here, but this was the first time i'd seen a
Diamondback Rattler this close to home.
this big.  and in the yard.

milo and the rattler standing their ground.

without getting too close...sam got rid of the rattler and scared milo away.
she's such a brave...and hard
no matter how many times i tell her...
"stay away from the snakes with the big triangular heads!!" 
it go in one ear, and out the other!

it's nice to have that zoom option on your camera.

of course after seeing this big fat rattler...i'm a little more leery of wandering in the woods out back.
from now on i'll always wear my boots! and carry a big stick.

gardenia blooming in yard!  yummy scent!

last weekend, before the milo & snake thing...
sam and i rode the 4-wheeler across the street, into the field.
no special reason...just to feel the breeze and explore.
sometimes i find bones. not this trip though.

the 'mud pit' had water in it due to all the recent rain.
this is the first time i've seen a Little Blue Heron!!
(right?  you birders out my ID correct?)

we were half expecting to see another Rattler over there, but we didn't.

there were so many dragonflies...some were BRIGHT red!!
unfortunately...they were just way too the time i zoomed in...poof! gone!

but i did get one of the dragonflies in another part of the field.
away from the water...where they don't dart around so fast.

on our way back home...a grasshopper doing stretches in the vines along the trail (see his back leg?)

back home...
a Red-Spotted Purple on the old hummer feeder.

another dragonfly...

and a Red-shouldered Hawk...hanging out in a tree.

if you're lucky enough to have monday off...for Labor Day...have a relaxing time!
and if you're working...well, i hope your work hours go quick...and your off hours, slow!

thanks for stopping by!

stay cool. be safe.


  1. What an adventure ! The pictures of the snake are indeed impressive, as is the moon. Thank you for them. Please have you all a good new month ahead.

  2. oh, that snake is scary! and little milo up against him! eek! i believe that would be a little blue (although i've never seen one in person!) the yoga pose by the hopper is too cute!

  3. Only YOU would capture that Blue Moon and then show me that darn snake! You'd better wear your boots outside young lady (hear my Mommy tone?)!...:)JP


    I only saw a rattler once in the wild, and it was a baby.

  5. Impressive snake! I think I'd rather being hanging around with those gorgeous and less bitey insects.

  6. Hey! You morphed on me...but, it looks good! What a beautiful bird, simply beautiful! And, in a mud hole to boot! Just goes to show you-don't judge a mudhole without stopping to see what's in it! lol! Love your gardenia, and, don't you know it smells wonderful!

    Well, I do like your original moon too. We're going to try again tonite to get a decent picture. We've set the camera to manual to see if that helps. Talk to you soon. Oh, and, hugs to my brave girl Milo!♥

  7. My heart stopped when I saw Milo and the rattler! goodness!
    You get the best shots, Laura! They were all great! But I hope you are careful out there in the woods. You have a fantastic Labor Day off and enjoy yourself!! :)

  8. Oh my! That rattler was MONSTROUS! eeeek

  9. Enchanting! Your posts are always so darn exciting and natured filled with dreams and scary moments, like with Milo, even I was totally scared sitting here looking in. I can just imagine the snakes slithery slinky movements is totally cat playtime! One of my childhood dogs survived one rattlesnake bite, but a few years later, he got bit twice in a row in his head, and didn't make it. That's the thing about snakes that can kill, and Toby really didn't do a thing for it to attack. Thanks for sharing a bit of your magic out there again!

  10. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention I really liked your title for this post, I knew I was in for a great group of photos!

  11. Love what you did with the moon photo. And the photo of the dragonfly on the beach is amazing! I'm not sure I would have gotten that close to the rattlesnake to get a photo of the rattle! Be safe out there!

  12. You outdid yourself - had me frightened to hell and back when I saw that shot of Milo and the snake (in a snake-free country, they seem too scary for words!)

    The colour of that plumbago is stunning. and the 2 dragonflies - beautiful :)

  13. My heart was making all kinds of flips looking at the picture of Milo and the snake. I'm not afraid of snakes, but that rattle is quite ginormous. Thanks for the gardenia after the snake, I need that, and the heron, and the butterfly, and the dragonfly... and the nice comments, and of course, it was glorious to see your blue moon ;-)

  14. what a fearless little trooper Milo is
    perhaps you should draw a triangle for her
    she might get it better visually :-)))

  15. HI Laura, your blue moon looks awesome, well done! That snake is scary, I am glad Milo was safe. You have so many great critters and photos, it is too hard to choose a favorite. I love them all. Happy labor Day weekend!

  16. Hi Laura, nice photos and good job
    greetings from

  17. Well, you had a nice journey to find all of these, my fave is the rattle snake, fantastic.

  18. Whoa! I'm glad you have a zoom lens for snakes too -- I'm not too terribly afraid of snakes at all, but you really don't want to get up close to their faces! Yeah, and you do want to wear boots and keep your cat away! I sure am glad you took your camera when you went on that ride for no special reason -- because you found lots and lots of wonderfully special things! Thanks for sharing them.

  19. Oh yeah and I love the blue moon shot -- I'm thinking of doing something with mine for Skywatch Friday next week.

  20. Yikes that was quite the snake..brrr.... I do enjoy your nature shots.

  21. Quite a fine collection of blue photos! No blue moon here. We finally got rain. Yes, in snake country, walk softly, carry a big stick and wear boots. Loved the heron photos. That guy is REALLY blue. So are the dragonflies and butterflies.

  22. That snake is some bad news! You be careful out back!

  23. sounds like you are describing our cat Velvet. She is such a strong headed and smart little diva. She has been know to bring us baby rabbits and other creatures. So glad that we do not have to worry about her dragging in a rattler. Now a black snake is a certain possibility.

  24. Oh dear I would be very nervous with those snakes around. Your wee cat is very brave.
    You did get some wonderful pictures of all of the wildlife around you. Love the dragonflies and grasshopper having a good old stretch :)

  25. Mother of pearls!!!!! That snake is awesome. I think I'd have $#$^ myself seeing Milo near that monster. I'm glad kitty took off! That is really really large. And yet it's so cool to see in your pics. You have some crazy critters around your place:)


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