Saturday, March 26, 2011

one crappy post...

(like i promised!)

poop.  crap.  turd.  scat.

Noun:  scat.  'skat'.  Fecal matter of animals.

i've been yearning to do a post like this for a while.
yeah, well...when we're out hiking...
OR...just wandering around in the woods out back...
if i see a pile of pOOp, i can't resist taking a picture.
so i can tell what's been here. some of the turds i see
are from animals encountered in our yard...or while camping...
but other scat are from critters not encountered face to face.

i guess i just find it interesting...
it's the side of nature most people tend to overlook.  i think.
and believe me...they're not always so easy to identify.

so, when i told sam i was ready to do my 'one crappy post'...
he said   "well, better know your shit!"'s not always easy to identify the scat you come across.
we have 2 handy little books!
one is on a keychain which makes it convenient to carry...

the other is a small field guide...

i know...i's kind of funny, isn't it? 
are you picturing me wandering through the woods...
spotting some scat and then pulling my handy book out of my back pack...
trying to ID it?!  
well, it doesn't usually go quite like that!
i usually just snap a picture....and do the ID'ing later.

i thought i might add a nice flower picture between the poop ones.
you know...add a little sweetness to the post.
so it's not TOO crappy. 
(the flowers are from our gardens...past and present.)

SO, without further do-do...
i mean ado...
you are about to experience pOOp overload!

DEER scat  in the backyard.

RACCOON scat along the LaChua trail, Paynes Prairie state pk, Florida.

GOOSE scat at Elijah Clark state pk, Georgia.

BEAR scat. right along the edge of the low boardwalk/walkway
at Stephen Foster state pk, Georgia. they say that bears will back right up
to a log...and 'do their thing'. i guess the walkway
was in the right place at the right time. 

FOX scat in backyard.

now, admit it! have you ever seen such a perfectly placed pile of poop?
we spotted this while crossing the road in Mistletoe state pk, Georgia.
not really sure who left it. kind of a blob. no real form to it.

Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.   
~Harry S. Truman

hmmm...on the dark side. looks like it might have some berries in it.
tapered end. might even have a little fur. 
maybe FOX scat at  Mistletoe state pk, Georgia.

RACCOON scat at Manatee Springs, Florida.

BISON scat on LaChua trail, Paynes Prairie state pk, Florida.

this one's kind of a mystery. it was in our the edge of the woods.
it's long. slender. curls back on itself. almost looks like WEASEL scat...
but i've just never seen one here!??

RACCOON scat out back.

Always watch where you are going. 
Otherwise, you may step on a piece of the Forest that was left out by mistake.
~Winnie the Pooh 

this one isn't really SCAT! maybe you've seen me post these before...
it's an OWL pellet! they cough up the undigested material.
mostly bones and fur. 
i find them under the trees where the Barred Owls frequently perch.

i think this might be OPOSSUM scat...
OR maybe raccoon...LaChua trail, Paynes Prairie, Florida.

lots of fur in this one. and swirly. tapered.
maybe a bobcat...or coyote. Mistletoe state pk, Georgia.

BALL PYTHON scat.  our Monty.

and here's Milo. marking her territory. 

and here she is...covering it up.  good kitty.

well, that was fun. different. not for everyone i guess.
i'm sure you agree...that's enough POOP to last for a while.
but don't worry...if i come across a special specimen...i'll surely post it here.  :-)
you know it!

stay cool. OH! and don't forget to check the bottom of your shoes before leaving...

have a safe journey.  enjoy the ride.
:] laura

"The rich mind lies in the sun and sleeps, and is Nature."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

(damn! why do i always feel guilty about posting...before catching up on reading?!
oh's like THREE AM...i'm NEVER up this late! 
i'm usually waking up in an hour from now.
but i wanted to get this done.  yikes!)


  1. Crappy post indeed !! ....Ive never thought of taking photos of it before I must admit although we do try and identify it while we walk in the woods ....we wouldn't find bear or coyote in my neck of the woods though ...mostly fox and deer and occasionally owl pellets...the flower pics kept it nice and smelling sweet ...have a good weekend ...xx

  2. that's a different way of taking a walk in the woods ;-)

    living where we do, there's lots of different poo, koala, kangaroo, fox, bat, dog, cat, duck, pelican, seagull . . .

    now you've got me thinking . . .

  3. As Johnnie Carson would say..."I did not know that!" Books and all, interesting. Thanks for the scoop on the pOOp!

  4. This is very cool...and it takes research and time to do such a fantastic post as this. I really enjoyed all of your blooms, the orange Zinnias and the Gardenia. No wonder you were up late! I had never heard of "scat". See? I learned! And, who would've thought you could get guides on determining what types of poop there are? Also, liked the Truman quote. It's fun to know that important people are also human. And, by the way, your full moon pics were the best. We got a few, but they weren't as good as yours. Have a great weekend Laura!

  5. Laura, you've outdone yourself here, talking crap! Where do you come up with all of this shit?

    Sorry...I couldn't resist the chance to try out these words...I tend to avoid them in polite company :)

    This is a brilliant post! So amusingly done, yet undeniably informative... to be sure, a whole new way of looking at what lies on the forest floor. Your quotes were spot-on, apt as always...what did you google? Crappy sayings?

    You have such a marvellous sense of humour and Hubby seems to be equally sharp. Thank you for an entertaining and interesting look at something I avoid. I do, however, have to do poop scoop duty in the garden. With 4 dogs, it's a daily job, but I've learnt to do it as quickly and smartly as possible and everything gets flushed away down the outside loo.

    And THANKS for including the gardenia when you did!!! I was on the verge of gagging by the time it's heavenly fragrance lifted me right up and far away from all the bad smells at my feet!

  6. :) You obviously take a different type of walk through the woods. Crappy indeed! Just as long as you find it fun, I find it interesting, but I can honestly say I will never take on that habit.

  7. OMG I loved it and the quote from Truman ! i will make sure to hit the share button.Peace

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed your shitty blog this evening. I have never seen such great photos, or any photos, of all the specific poops! Clever, entertaining and educational! You should have been a teacher:) I was recently in Sequim, on the Olympic Peninsula and saw Orca whale frolicking in the harbor, 20 or so deer snoozing in my friends backyard, 15 eagle flying overhead and all at once, and lots of other critters, never saw their poop tho. After reading your fascinating blog tonight, I will be much more observant next time! I love reading your stuff Laura! Thank you:)

  9. I have raised plenty of baby opossums, and yes, under the owl pellet, I believe you have a lovely opossum turd!
    and about the yellow line shot..... I have felt that way many times while crossing the street!

  10. There is nothing I can comment except you should publish. No matter what mood I am when I visit your blog I always leave WITH A SENSE OF WONDER.

  11. Hahahaha, without further a doo doo! What a great idea to put the flower pics in between, a refreshing respite for the eyes.
    Very interesting. I have never seen snake poop. Ball python is a good name, since their poop is so ball-y!

    Unfortunately, I have seen trucker scat, *shudders*....I'll take weasel poop any day of the week over that!

  12. DAMN!!! i really wasn't sure about this one...i mean doing a post on CRAP!! poop! scat! i can't tell you how happy i am that YOU all found it interesting...and took the time to not only smell the flowers between the piles...but to hang in there with me...and take notice of this....uh...unusual side of nature. it was fun! i'm glad i could share the experience...and that others actually appreciated this adventure! ha!!

    ok...i apologize for NOT stopping by YOUR places! this weekend was non stop...i didn't even get on here...the computer...except to check messages...and now it's monday AGAIN! BUT, i will stop by and see you all...this week...i have a couple of slow days...

    seeya! and thanks again for ALL your kind words! :] laura

  13. Well, now I've seen everything !!!
    You just totally crack me up Laura.

    Who would've thought someone could make crap interesting ... you did, and, boy, you do know your stuff.

    The little flower interludes sweetened the whole process too.

    Thankyou for such an entertaining post.

  14. bahaha that's awesome. Everybody poops! :) Unique shots, that's for sure!

  15. Can't believe I just read an entire post about poop. Too interesting and hilarious! Do take a look at this vid:

    It's perfect for someone as in tune with nature as you are.

  16. Hi LauraK,
    The best part with arriving late is reading the Comments from your Friends.
    Can't stay long, but will return soon.

    In the meantime, this is a marvellous Post. Fantastic presentation. Your Garden certainly has a variety of beautiful flowers.

    Not sure if Australian Possums are the same as your Opossums.. will research. Maybe which species makes a difference, but the Brush-Tailed Possums I had a Friendship with for a few years where I used to live did completely different Poops... they were tiny pellet scatterings. Flatter and darker, than Rodent type ones, but still more pellet like. Interesting.

    The Poop between the yellow lines remind me of the ones my Hens sometimes do. They're the type one definitely does not want to get wrong during clean-up. That type adheres, is potently pungent, and I just hold my breath when discovering I have those to clear away.

    The Owl Pellet is interesting. Looks like a visible Fetish Medicine Bag.

    Your Monty must be huge by the size of those waste Balls.

    Must go. Stunning experience. You certainly are one of the Beautiful Humans Planet Earth Houses. So thankful have the privilege to visit.
    Hugs and good wishes to you from Magda(Australia)

  17. Now that was perfectly crappy!

    Pretty neat and I especially liked the key chain poop identifier. It can be quite important to know who is sharing the woods with you, especially if they happen to be large and like to eat meat.

  18. Jane, thanks! that was pretty cool!! they need to do something like that in every city across the country! thanks for stopping by & viewing all the PooP! :]

    Magda...i've been pretty busy myself...STILL have so much catching up to do...reading...the blogs i follow...NOT enough time in a day! i hope to tackle this some time later today! thanks for the PooPy comments! ha! :]

    bunnits! oh yeah...that keychain pOOp identifier is a must have! i suggest putting little sticky tabs on the pages of the 'meat eaters' their poop can be eliminated as a possibility right away...or NOT. :]

    thanks everyone! 'we are what we eat'...hmmmmmmm

    :] laura

  19. Count me in with everyone else. I enjoyed the post and what made me laugh was you posting a flower photo in between! LOL! They are lovely btw.
    Anyway, you are so right that sometimes it/they not as easy to identify.
    Some may find it weird that I take a photo of a dead bug. If I don't know what it is, I will photo it to identify later as I don't want to carry ALL my books on a walk! LOl!

  20. Calling Ravens/Meggs! glad u liked all the CRAP! yep, i HAD to put those flowers in between the PooPs...gotta have a little refresher...or should i say FRESHNESS amongst all that SCAT!
    i'm the same way...with the bugs...ANYTHING really...dead...alive...if i want to know what it is...for later...gotta keep a record of it! ha! thanks for stopping by! :]laura

  21. thank you for a really interesting journey as usual, arranged and annotated with real style, and full of fascinating information. I also appreciated the beautiful flower pictures between each poop shot.

    At the moment I am teaching 'American Beauty' as a movie text; the tagline is "Look closer", and your posts always teach me to do that!

    xo A

  22. Everything in God's world is interesting! Even poop. Loved the one shaped like a heart.
    thanks for sharing the poop.

  23. Laura - you've done it again & I absolutely LOVE it! Any "nature nut" knows darn well that having a good working knowledge of droppings ...crap... only enhanses the ability to identify what else lives in an area, especially those creatures that come around on the sly. Love the key chain IDer - could you share who it is made by? The swirly tapered one from Mistletoe State Park looks like what we find in our yard and we do have coyotes that come through, but no foxes to my knowledge. The little chocolate drop between the yellow lines - looks like a good case of "Hershey squirts" - critter had remarkabley good aim, besides. Keep it up - there is SO much to learn out there and you do a fantastic job of helping us learn! Take care...

  24. Alexia, Lovelight & Ladybug!!
    yay!! i'm not alone!! when i did this post...hmmmmm...i wasn't too sure if anyone would really pay it much know...PooP...who else would really care about piles of animal scat!

    wow! i'm not alone!! haha!
    and yeah, each PILE is unique...(another HA!)

    the keychain Ider is available here:

    in fact it looks like it's on sale...$6.95!!

    take care...have a great day! :]laura

  25. Heyyy Laura, thanks so so much 4 always finding time to leave a comment! You have a big heart indeed :) N a B!g thanksss for the bday wish :)
    ok... so that was a wonderfully gross post!! But I have to agree with Crayzys.. you should publish BIG TIME... i mean pop many ppl in the world can make c.r.a.p. sound exciting n intriguing??? Answer: No1 but Lauraaaaaa!!!
    Thanks 4the flower pics in between :D you even know which crap is which :O now THAT's called knowing every side (top and BOTTOM )of nature :D
    Wow... you have talent dude! Cash it :P

  26. I forgot to mention that a friend of mine who taught environmental education had a baseball cap with different types of bird poop on it, all identified, of course.

  27. Amused Medic & bunnits! thanks for your 'stop in and leave a note' !!

    i guess i could nature...let's always remember to STOP and take time to SMELL the appropriate is THAT for THIS post!!

    i'm glad everyone found it...intriguing?? educational?? marvelous?? different?? crappy!! and so on!! :)

    (( mentioned the hat...i used to have a Tshirt with ALL sorts of PooP printed on it...labeled too...hmmmm, i don't know what happened to it...i lost it somewhere over the years...maybe someone flushed it???))

    Thanks to everyone!! for ALL your kind words and taking the time to inspect the scat!

    :] laura

  28. Sure! Did you show ME what iguana poop looks like???? You should have...becasue I stepped in it this morning!....:)JP

  29. JP/Home In the Hollow...i hope you had shoes on! :]
    sorry, i have never been anywhere, where Iguanas run i couldn't have warned you about their PooP!! ha!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Oh we are alike I have a poop book too. I do not however have a poop keychain:(
    I had to come to this post when I seen the title it grabbed me. :) B


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