Sunday, June 5, 2011

candles for a friend. berries. critters & misspelled sign.

as you know...
life has been just a little hectic lately...
my lip saga...
my friend in hospice...
my client base declining...

these candles are for George.
my friend. 
his body had taken him as far as it THIS journey. i sat beside him...with one hand on his, and my other on his chest...
he left for another journey.

he went from the hospital to hospice...about a month ago.
i was there with him as much as i could possibly be.
at times...yes...i wondered if i could be doing TOO much.

but can a person do too much at a time like this?

he had no one else. no 'family' came to be with him.

in his final five his worn and broken body...he looked so peaceful. 

his face...his breathing...his entire body...seemed to finally relax.
(in the center of the hibiscus)

"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, 
but rather openings where our loved ones shine down 
to let us know they are happy." 
~ Eskimo Legend


this morning when i woke up...i felt as though i had a full body headache.
i had planned on getting up early...before favorite time of day
to read blogs and work on my own.
BUT...i over slept.
(little green tree frog on wooden post in yard)

yesterday, after i got home from hospice...
and after i lit a candle for George...

sam and i went for a (4-wheeler) drive across the street...into the field.
THAT's always relaxing to me...riding along...feeling the wind in my face.

turning up the dirt and sand road that takes us into the field...
we noticed all the tracks...
(turkey. armadillo. 'possum.)

the wild blackberries are ready for picking now and the field is filled with them!
so after (carefully) picking a few handfuls...
and pulling the thorns out of our hands and jeans...
we took them home, washed 'em...munched on some...
and saved the rest for DRINKS later!
(our fav at home 'mixed' drink: sailor jerry rum & raspberry ice tea
with a squirt of pina colada mix)
NOW we can add a few fresh squished blackberries 
along with a few whole ones to soak up the drink...
for a treat when you get to  the bottom of the glass!

today, sam and i are going for a drive.
i think i might stick my head out the window and let my ears flap in the breeze!
aaaaaaaaah.  that sounds dog-like.

now...i'll start working on getting things back to...
normal?    hmmmm...what's 'normal' for me. 


so...i leave you with a few pictures i've taken lately...
and hope you're having a good day!

(little wren making a nest in 'bird house' on front porch)

a very cool looking Anole...with his new 'air brushed' look...
sitting on the screen of our small outdoor 'screen room'.

 this is a newly emerged Cicada.
the nymph sheds it's skin...or molts...
and emerges as an adult Cicada.

found blue jay feathers in the yard.
obviously SOMETHING caught this bird. feathers were everywhere.
it's the way of nature...
( do you plead????)

this female cardinal in the front yard...looks...surprised!

(gulf fritillary on a yellow lantana)

 and we are...what you've been waiting for...

please visit her blog for her adventurous day to day goings on,
in and around Victoria, Australia.

she snapped this picture while trying to find a place to park
in the small town of Nimmitabel, which is in New South Wales.
and this is a sign obviously printed by the CITY!
from the person who did the type for this...
to the printer...
to the person who screwed it to the pole...
doesn't anyone know how to spell
YES, i admit's one of those words that you might have to look up...
does it have 2 'R's'  or 2 'L's'???  
well...proofread...especially before it's gone to print!
Thanks Susan!!  this will be added to the 
'misspelled sign' page above.

'til next time...

"After you have exhausted what there is 
in business, politics, conviviality, and so on- 
have found that none of these finally satisfy or permanently wear-
what remains?   Nature remains."
~Walt Whitman

have a safe journey & enjoy the ride.
:] laura


  1. love the photos

  2. Sorry for you loss Laura. It's so hard to let go, even when they're in so much pain we know it easier on them. It's hard to focus on that when we know how much we'll miss their presence. Peace

  3. Laura, may your "window surfing" outing be a spa for your soul today

  4. Sad to hear about your friend...what was his age? I like the that a Hibiscus? I don't understand your problem with the blog though...what's going on?

    Now I must join my "Parallel" world in progress...Ha!


  5. Hugs to you Laura. George was lucky indeed that you were there for him.

    Your blog always makes me think of one of my favourite quotes (sorry it's long):
    "I remember a hundred lovely lakes, and recall the fragrant breath of pine and fir and cedar and poplar trees. The trail has strung upon it, as upon a thread of silk, opalescent dawns and saffron sunsets. It has given me blessed release from care and worry and the troubled thinking of our modern day. It has been a return to the primitive and the peaceful. Whenever the pressure of our complex city life thins my blood and benumbs my brain, I seek relief in the trail; and when I hear the coyote wailing to the yellow dawn, my cares fall from me - I am happy." ~Hamlin Garland, 1899

  6. What a thoughtful thing you did for George, you are truly kind.

    That female cardinal looks like Kramer from Seinfeld.
    And, I'm sure Milo would plead the 5th!

  7. I have heard the Cicada my entire Life In Florida, but this is the first time seeing one. And to me they sing the song of Summers long ago. steve

  8. What a beautiful tribute Laura. Your candles are tranquil, which gives way to a peaceful rest for your friend. Along with being the symbol of royalty and wealth, the color purple can symbolize wisdom and spirituality. I think that covers you and your friend.

    And, hey, your drink recipe sounds intoxicating. Don't know about the pina colada mix, but the other ingredients sound good...umm rum.

    And what a cool sign. Ya Think?

    I'm glad you're trying to relax and come around. Your photos are fabulous. Take care Laura.

  9. Dear Laura, you gave George one of the best gifts one human can give another.... the knowledge the someone cared about him and, by doing so, that his life had value.
    Your choice of the Eskimo Legend is so nice, so fitting and obviously comes straight from your heart.
    Going out with Sam and getting a good airing; spending time surrounded by nature and doing things you enjoy, seems a lovely way to wind down from your hectic times.
    Love all your photos, they're a sweet collection. We love the sound of cicadas; a deep-into-summer sound. The cardinal is such a striking looking bird with its topknot!
    Am real happy to have found a mis-spelled sign for you... thought of you straight away :D)
    All the best, have a relaxing week xx

  10. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I'm glad he had you to hold his hand through the end. Everyone needs someone like that. I don't think you can do too much. But do take time to relax and take care of yourself now...

  11. So sorry about your friend, Laura - you gave him the best gift ever, your presence at his passing. May we all be so fortunate.

    Aaah, cicadas... we lived in Texas for a few years some time ago and I can STILL hear their buzzing songs. Sometimes, I thought I'd go totally crazy with the sound! But they are such facinating creatures and I'd say easy to find, if you concentrate on doing that.

    Alexia, I love your quote - it is EXACTLY how I feel about being out in nature & why I seek to spend time there. I KNOW that Laura, also, "gets it"...

    Milo? Well I'm sure that cat ain't sayin' nothin' (Just watch the tail...)

    I can't believe your blackberries are ripe already! Up here in WA state they ripen in late July - Sept.

    Oh, and I had no trouble coming directly to this post - go figure!

  12. Love the Candles for George Laura... the beautifulness of them will be the Forever Star for George in Cyberspace. And with this wonderful Post you've done and the good wishes from all included, is a tribute for George to feel throughout Infinity.

    That is one very cute house for the Wren to enjoy.

    For me, misspelled Parallel certainly makes up for it by looking and feeling very much like its meaning.

    Cicadas are amazing... I've heard/felt them sing in a building wave-like crescendo. I once found where they were in probably hundreds amid a row of Eucalyptus Trees.
    It was towards dusk as I stood beneath those Trees, feeling their song travel towards me until every part of my body reverberated with their song and then move on away from me, fading until there was quiet. Then it started all over.
    I don't know how long I remained, but when I left, my ears were ringing and my body tingled for ages. Totally amazing experience.

    Ahh, delicious Blackberries... and they make you work to experience their pleasure... instead of singing for supper, one pulls out thorns.

    Your so very beautiful spot - full of healing experiences, things to do, things to notice and sustenance as well... perfection for a rather perfect lady... Sam did well getting you out amid it all... Well done Sam.

    Hugs and good wishes Laura, from your Friend Magda(Australia)

  13. Don't know why Laura, but my input was Published twice, so deleted one of them... sorry for the mess.
    Hugs filled with Friendship from Magda(Australia)

  14. Yes. Candles mean many things. The light. You are our light.

    You still keep shining despite your sometimes difficult travels outside the forest. The many paths we take do cross other paths like George's.

    It is in these path crossings that the light is intense - sometimes burning... other times warming. The memories of the crossings give us deep faith. Thanks for sharing your crossing.

  15. It is good that you were there for George. When my mother had to spend her last month in a nursing home, we saw that there were so many residents there who never had anyone to visit them, sit with them, just be with them. At the end she had family around her and her grandson and I held her hands as she passed. I wondered how many of the residents had to make their final journey alone.

  16. thanks everybody...for your outpouring of comfort and kind words...wisdom and understanding.

    now it's time for me to...catch up...but first i need to sit and take a deep breath...and slow order to move on... :)

    glad you could wander through the field...and then hopefully have a laugh at the parallel sign!

    hope you're having a good day...laura

  17. Well, I cannot say it any better that Susan did up there in the comments. She stated it just beautifully.
    Peace and Blessings to you!

  18. your writing and photos make me feel so relaxed and like visiting old friends .......I'm sure you were such a comfort to George and made his passing as peaceful as it could be ....sending my love to you Laura ...x

  19. thanks meggs and lorna!!

    wow! not ONE person even commented on anything else...except george...
    MY mistake...i guess i should have made a totally separate post for George...
    i just thought mixing it up with the other stuff would lighten things up...hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend! :]

  20. Hi Laura,
    Came back cause I was sure I wrote about other items with this Post, which I think of as being for George anyway.

    It's like the Ancestral Ways of putting items with the Deceased to take along for the Journey to the Other Side and along the Way to wherever. Only this way is a Symbolic way of doing it...

    Like the Birds who'll sing their wonderful songs to help George's Soul Fly unfettered.

    Like the Flowers to fill George's Journey with Colour and Scent.

    Like the Anole and Frog who will no doubt entertain George. Plus George will certainly be safe from Predators along His Way when the Anole gets into Protective mode.

    Like the Cicada, who has, like George, shed it's worn out Body to become Renewed. While the beautiful Butterfly, symbolizing Transformation, shows George how to attain Nectar to replenish His Energy along His Journey.

    Like the Tracks in the Sand to Guide George along his Path, while the Feathers remind Him to be watchful... after all reaching His destination is important.

    Like the very emphasised 'parallel sign' to give him laughter.

    And... accompanying all these wonderful things for George's Journey is your Candles to Light His way. The delicious Blackberries to share in for Sustenance. Your Beautiful words with all the items to help Him remember about all the good things of Earth. Then the finishing touches are the numerous Comments which are like a Fanfare of Good Wishes, to remind George He was Loved and still is Loved.

    This Post is as much from you to George as it is from you to us.
    Hugs of Love to you Wonderful Laura, your Friend forever, Magda in Australia.

  21. PS... Like your new Profile Logo...

    The Dragonfly looking at one is really nice. Dragonfly symbolises seeing through illusions and ridding one's self of them.

    More Hugs from Magda in Australia

  22. Laura, I stopped by to see if I had missed a post of yours "out there", and I see you've changed your profile cool. Also, I enjoyed the pix and story of the Cicada. We get those here, and when I was a kid we would play with the shedded shells. I never got to see it in action tho... leaving it's skin. We called them locusts, but I don't know why. We would catch the live ones if we could, tie a string around their necks, and let them fly around and buzz for a few minutes. A lot of fun. Your photos of them are really great. Hope you're doing well.

  23. OK you 2...magda and susan! YES!! you TWO are the ones that always seem to have something to say about everything! ha! that's a GOOD thing!

    Susan! ha! what a story....about tying the string around the cicadas...that must be a pretty hard thing to do! i don't even remember them when i was growing up...but i'm sure they're everywhere?!! even in NY? i'll have to look that up...

    and Magda...YES!! YOU talked about everything in my always....the first time! you are always so good at expressing your feelings...and thoughts...filled with kind words...hope...and love of all around you!

    Thanks you guys...for stopping by again! it's ALWAYS nice to see a couple of friends wandering through... :)

  24. Beautiful Pictures.
    Beautiful story about your friends passing. His friends and family weren't there but you were. I know he appreciated your company.
    Peace and Love and Namaste

  25. wow laura... you reach out to so many people... go out of your way for so many... you really truly are a wonderful person. I can't say anything more!

  26. thanks Emme, Amused Medic and website...for strolling through...and leaving your thoughts!!
    i appreciate it! :]

  27. Hi Laura, first I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I am sure he appreciated your friendship and for just being there. Second, I always enjoy your nature photos, I especially love the tree frog and the lizard. And I had just had a picture of my Goldie Girl riding in my car hanging her head out the window. She loves to do that. Now, I will think of you when I see her ears flapping in the wind. Great post and photos, take care and have a great Sunday!

  28. Wow, my thoughts and prayers for George. This is a really touching entry -- I love the image of riding in the four wheeler with the wind in your hair. Went to look at your etsy page -- watching the stuff, would love to get something that grabs my heart or mind. Also love that textile artist you recommend. Keep the beautiful pictures of art coming!


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