Saturday, January 24, 2015

a couple of critters and bOnes...

a leaf...dangling by a web strand :)

it's still been pretty chilly here in north florida.
tonight it's supposed to get down to 33° F.
right now it's a windy 51°! 
i can hear the wind whipping around outside.
dead branches falling.

a couple of days ago the sun was finally peeking through the dense clouds...
and i spotted some critters. yay!!

a couple of (anole) lizards on the side of the house.

i got pretty excited when i heard the distinct tapping away of a woodpecker.
he was at the very top of an old dead tree...and i couldn't get a very good shot.
but, hey!!  it was another critter coming out from hiding, braving the cooler temp's!
a Red-bellied woodpecker.

and here's a pretty cool little (garden) spider's web...iridescent with the sun hitting it just right!

sam & i still go for hikes across the street...into the wooded field.
and i still collect bones!!!

hog skull & jaw

assorted deer bones

NOW THIS is a first!!!
obviously someone must have poached a 'gator...cleaned it...and dumped what was left.
i would've liked to see the entire skeleton...but all there was, was the tail!

ok. that's it.
i'll sign off with a couple of pic's of our furry kids!
~ emo ~

~ otis ~

have a nice week!

stay cool & be safe.

“Life is a journey. Time is a river. The door is ajar.”
~Jim Butcher, Dead Beat

Sunday, January 18, 2015

f u n g i

by  now you know
i'm alive & well.

it's been over a year since i posted...
(excluding my 'test' post a couple of days ago)
and since i visited any other blogs.

here i am,
easing my way back into blogland.

thought i'd start off with one of my favorite things... 

it's been a little on the cool side here in north florida.
(this past month it's gotten down to the low 20's at night!!
there have been times when the temp barely reached 40°F during the day!)
no lizards, bugs, snakes...they're all hiding, waiting for the warmer sunny days.
even the birds are scarce.

otis (1 ½ yrs old now) likes to follow me around

while searching for...well...anything!

we both decided it was a fungus kind of day!

stay cool & be safe

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”
~Albert Einstein

Monday, January 12, 2015


it's been a long time.
more than a year!
we moved more north in florida...but now we are back
to our humble, comfortable home.
aaaaaaah. home sweet home.
where i can wander out back...
in the woods...or across the street in the wooded field.
i'm going to work my way back into blogland.
yes, i finally got a 'smart' phone...which is why this is a test. i hope this works! fingers crossed...
then i can do either phone or comp.
so...i'll attach 2 pictures & see how it goes.
(fluffy otis up a tree & a big skull i found over the weekend)
in the meantime...
be safe. stay cool.
sent from  ~:)