Tuesday, October 30, 2012

giving in to the moon

it's been getting down to the high 30's/low 40's the past couple of nights.
staying pretty much in the 60's during the day.
(yay! flannel shirt weather! i love it!)
darkness lasting longer in the morning...
and coming earlier in the evening.
moon shadows.

daytime bugs & critters take advantage of the sun's warm rays.

flowers are still blooming...

butterflies are still feeding
Gulf Fritillary on Blue Mist

there are still plenty of dragonflies

lizards & frogs soaking up the sun's warmth

a lone mushroom not ready to give in to the cooler weather

 and now...the moon.  
giving in to the power of the magical moon. 
5:04am  -  oct 30 2012

‎"Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moon light? I always ask that of all my prey." 

doesn't it look like the moon is wearing a pine needle hat...
5:07am  -  oct 30 2012


inspired by the moon and the skeleton trees of winter...
here's a note card i painted with acrylics...

enjoy the scents of nutmeg or mint
the taste of apples, nuts & wine
the feel of smooth black stones, obsidian or jet
the colors of black, orange, white, silver or gold
black cats, bats & jack-o-lanterns
dark mysteries
deadly nightshade, mugwort, sage, mandrake, oak leaves
celebrating the lives of those that have died...family, friends, pets.  the spirits of the dead. darkness~fire~hope~new dreams~new beginnings~out with the old~in with the new

Happy Samhain  ~  Happy Halloween

stay cool & be safe
especially those who have been dealing with the wrath of Sandy...
my thoughts are with you.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

rescued for life!


2 lbs 9 oz
of striped fluffy love...

who wants to be cuddled, held & carried...
unravels the toilet paper from the roll...
has an unending curiosity...
leaps, dashes & jumps in all directions, seemingly at the same time...

and finally

WELCOME (to our world) EMO!!

since milo passed away...we have been missing her...
and the pitter-patter of little cat feet.

we picked out this little bundle from the Humane Society yesterday.
it was love at first sight...all the way around!

he was born on august 6, 2012...was dropped off at a fire station,
and turned over to the animal shelter on september 17.

he weighed 2 lbs 9 ozs on october 24.
his name at the shelter was Emerson.
we sort of combined emerson & milo...and came up with EMO!!

life as he had known it 'til yesterday, was life in a cage.
now he has more space to roam than he could ever have imagined.

we LOVE him to pieces!

~have a happy week~

"It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens."
~Cynthia E. Varnado

stay cool.  be safe.

emo : The word that holds the record for the most definitions at urbandictionary.com at 1,181.

a special BE SAFE to ALL those in SANDY's path!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

friday's fringe 28 ~ lake collage & bye-bye bones!

YES, this is friday's fringe...on thursday.
but it IS friday somewhere...on the other side of the world.

tomorrow morning i have an app't at the dreaded dentist.
(last week a client gave me a mini twix bar. while eating it, i felt something hard between my teeth.
hmmmmmmm, a rock in my twix bar.

nope.  a tooth.  the one i had a root canal done on not too long ago.
it just broke off! shit! at the gum line! surgery tomorrow morn. double shit!!)

i've been pretty stressed.
a perfect thriller for halloween.
(the one good thing is that i'll have to rest for a day...time to catch up with reading...)

back to the friday on thursday post...

last weekend...
we went camping/fishing to Rodman Dam/Reservoir (AKA Lake Ocklawaha)

SUNRISE on the lake

SO many pictures...thought i'd just do a collage

the lake: bald eagles, cormorants, anhingas, herons, sunrise, grackles, dragonflies, butterfly, egrets


mr bOnes.  his final october post.
soon it'll be time for all his buddies to go back in the closet.
but mr bOnes will remain perched on the mantel- all year long.

he and his bony friends have been gathering...
telling ghostly stories...shaking their bones...pulling pranks
and just being a little mischievous before they head into hiding. 

“That cold ain’t the weather, that’s death approaching.”
30 Days of Night (2007)

thanks for visiting...on...


counting down...to...
a new beginning. out with the old, in with the new.
remembering & honoring those that have passed on.

Friday, October 19, 2012

friday's fringe 27 ~ mr bOnes' zebras

after today, mr bOnes has just ONE more friday in october.
this past week he was spell-bound by all the butterflies.

mr bOnes perched on the front door

and the original...

(it's been a busy week. not much time spent on the computer. 
you know i don't have a 'smart' phone or i pad...
i don't work in an office so i can't get on the comp while working...
and i rarely turn the comp on at home in the evening, except weekends.
SO, next week i'll have a lot of catching up to do!)

friday morning (today, THIS morning if you're reading this on 10-19) 
we're leaving to go camping & fishing for 2 nights.
yay!  no phone.  no internet.  

mr bOnes has been delegated to keep watch over the old homestead while we're gone.

we can only hope he's never watched 

or we may come home to complete madness...
the house, the yard, the woods...littered with
passed out zombies, drunk vamps, toasted trolls, plastered mummies, 
stoned werewolves, inebriated goblins, sloshed shape-shifters.
limbs and bones...scattered everywhere!

oh, i don't even want to think about it.
let's just hope, if mr bOnes DOES party...he parties safe and responsibly!
(just like the beer commercial tells you to)


 "Ah, I can always smell a graveyard."
Gabriel  (actor: Christopher Walken), The Prophecy – 1995

have a great weekend.  thanks for stopping by on:


Monday, October 15, 2012

they're creepy and they're...

mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky...

ok, now that you've got the Addams Family theme song stuck in your head...
follow me...if u dare...

yesterday i saw a bug on my hibiscus.
actually,  sam spotted it first and called to me  'what the hell is THAT?!'

wow.  a Wheel bug.
it's a type of Assassin bug!!

what could be spookier than a Wheel bug?

TWO Wheel bugs!!

a perfect sighting for this month!
(sorry for the not-so-good picture, the sun was blaring & i couldn't even see the image in the viewer)


lately we've had way too many nocturnal spiders 
coming out & weaving their webs on the front porch.
i don't mind the ones that stick to the periphery...
like this orb weaver...

(by day she hides under the base of this old rusty candle holder)

the spiders that weave their webs on the porch ceiling...

get relocated!
i brush them off into the garden on either side of the porch.

night after night...they seem to find their way back to the same spot.


i was about to put the cover back on one of the rain barrels...
when i saw this weaver swimming...frantically.
he must have fallen from the roof.

yes, i rescued him.


last week...i made time to get a little creative!

remember the snake bones i found on the side of the road...

here they are after i cleaned them.
snake vertebrae & rib bones

when i have some cleaned bones lying around...
i get that urge to DO something with them!

so i painted a snake (with acrylics) on a piece of wood...

then added some of the vertebrae...

i'll glue them down...
maybe add a few ribs to follow the curve of the snake...

then spray with an acrylic sealer.
i've already added a sawtooth hanger to the back!


well...enough spooky-ish stuff for now.
thanks for wandering by...or crawling by...or creeping...or lurching...or stumbling...

stay cool.  be safe.

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, 
wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” 
~Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven

Friday, October 12, 2012

friday's fringe 26 ~ more from mr bOnes

(reminder - mr bOnes is hosting october's 'friday's fringe'.)

mr bOnes is not very good with all this technology stuff,
so he's basically just posing for the pictures 
and letting me know which ones to post.

mr bones does a lot of pointing with those bony fingers.  
sign language of the dead.
he's kind of hard to understand.  he's like a ventriloquist.
his lips don't move when he speaks.

'friday's fringe' is normally just ONE,  maybe TWO pictures...
but this october,   nothing is 'normal'.

all year mr bOnes sits up there on the mantel, riding the back of a gargoyle.
this is about the only time of the year he gets down and does some wandering.
so this month he can get away with anything!
well, almost anything!

since he's much lower to the ground than i am...being only 9" tall...
he sees things from a different perspective.

the first thing he spotted was this deer impression in the driveway's dirt-

then, he noticed this fungi growing on a downed tree...
which we have a lot of around here.
he can't wait 'til we light up the burn barrel...
he's such a pyro!!

when he spotted this patch of tiny mushrooms...
he was so over-joyed, he started doing cartwheels & headstands!!
and then he gobbled them all up.

he was stuffed.
he wanted to rest.
so we headed toward the front door...stopping in the garden by the front porch.

"i believe i'll just hang out here 'til next friday.  screw the mantel!"

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lk  and mr bOnes

“Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.”
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

autumn...past & present

this week's Thematic Photographic theme is
Fall colors ~ 216

on Oct 1st, ALL my Halloween creatures find their way out of the closet...
and place themselves here and there...around our home.
on the mantel...of autumn present

it's still too hot for comfort during the day.
i'm TRYING to be patient
for some COOL weather here in north Florida.
NO changing of the leaves...not yet.

so i searched through my pictures of autumns past...for Fall colors.

in and around our home...signs of Fall

this next picture was taken along the Foothills Pkwy in North Carolina in '05.

every week, Carmi @ written inc comes up with a new theme.
no specific day to post your photo...you have all week to get around to it.

join in...read about it here.

thanks for wandering...
stay cool.  be safe.

Monday, October 8, 2012

...to the lake...

after watching the Cinnamon Fern uncurl...
(and missing milo terribly...)

yesterday, we decided to do the 40 minute drive to Lake Lochloosa.
since we've been having lots of rain lately, we figured the water level would be high enough
to get our 'gheenoe' in.
we could paddle around...troll around...sam could do some fishing...
and i could get some pictures.

rather than posting a long line of photos, i decided to do a collage...of the
Lochloosa skies, butterflies, alligators, egrets, anhinga, herons, water lilies and eagles.

click to enlarge  -  7 oct 2012

“A lake is a landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. 
It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.”  
~Henry David Thoreau, Walden

thanks for stopping by.
have a great week.

stay cool. be safe.

dragonfly perched on my 'pokey-stick, which sam tooled for me at his work...
i use it to poke in the ground...searching for treasures out back...

Friday, October 5, 2012

friday's fringe 25 ~ mr bOnes

how could i say no.

it's october and mr bOnes wanted to do this week's 'friday's fringe'.
in fact, he wants to cover every friday this month.

he begged.
nothing worse than a begging skeleton.

last year, in october of 2011...mr bOnes made his debut in a post:

first we went out back, and as soon as he saw this red mushroom...
he just had to have his picture taken with it!

and then he devoured it!!


i followed him out front, where he plopped himself in the fluffy 'blue mist'...
and we had a photo shoot.

he liked this one the best.

i did suggest that he roll around in the dirt first...
get a little muddy...maybe jump on the grill and get a little blackened...
i mean, you gotta admit, he is a bit clean looking for a skeleton!

but he sure is happy.  it's like that smile is pasted on his face.
is it a smile?  or more like a sneer?

 “If you look in the mirror and you say his name 5 times, 
he'll appear behind you breathing down your neck.”
Candyman (1992)  (Claire)

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